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“Satan, who wants to annihilate the happiness of man and who tends by all the means at his disposal to destroy the kingdom of God to put his own in its place, has not found a surer way to achieve his goal than to to make the pontifical power and the royal power disappear: the pontiff and the king who are the two columns of the social edifice are the object of particular and constant attacks from hell; the Pontiff and the King who are the channels of spiritual and temporal graces with which the Lord wishes to shower the Peoples; the witnesses of His Providence through the ages; the two sons of holy oil who are before the Lord of the earth (Rev. XI). Satan strives to suppress them (Zech. IV, 14.)."

(Source: Drawn from "Dieu, la Royauté et le salut de la France", 1890 A.D.)

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Oct. 17, 2022