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"Hello, I am a new Catholic in central Virginia. Are there any parishes offering the traditional Latin Mass?"


-Scott B.



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Dear Scott B.,


Greetings and thank you for your email. Please see the following piece: 


"Death Blows To Vatican Council II" by The Veritas Staff, 1979 A.D.


It is really good material... important to read.


Its erudite authors were not aware of the True Pope Gregory XVII ["Siri"], at the time they wrote it in 1979. Yet, they show so well why one who claims to be a Catholic, can have nothing to do whatsoever, with the Vatican II Sect and its Antipopes & pseudo-sacraments.

Please review it - and email us your thoughts, if you care to.

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

The Editor of TCW

Image of Pope Gregory XVII "Siri"


TCW Exclusive:


(Background: The CIA directly oversaw an espionage campaign conducted by the Italian Intelligence Agency *(SIFAR), of The Hostage Pope "Cardinal Siri", which included tapping his phone, from the beginning months of his pontificacy, until the spying was exposed - well into the 1960's. (See 1967 article BELOW: "Tapped a cardinal’s phone, Italy has 'I Spy' probe" -ED). The corrupt Italian government, in a national scandal, was forced to publicly admit to the espionage.



*"The SIFAR [Intelligence Service of the Italian Armed Forces] was created on 30 March 1949, when US troops were still in Italy, and just days before Italy joined NATO, in order to guarantee that Italy would remain solid and firm in the anti-Communist camp. ... The American CIA sponsored a large part of the SIFAR budget, and often directed the Italian secret service by remote control from Washington. SIFAR was financed by "the boys in Via Veneto“, i.e. the CIA in the US embassy in the heart of Rome, as Paulo Taviani, Italian Defence Minister from 1955 to 1958, put it." ("Gladio: NATO’s Stay-Behind Armies and Terrorism in Cold War Italy" by Daniele Ganser, November 19, 2004)  


  SIFAR's Official Emblem 

The scandal plagued Italian spy agency SIFAR - worked "hand in glove"
with the Machiavellian United States CIA - which funded and directed it.


The CIA managed SIFAR, whose original mandate included military espionage on behalf of the Italian army, navy, and air force - began to *meddle more and more in domestic affairs.


*"In a confidential publication the SIFAR was defined as the highest organ of the espionage and counter espionage. ... The SIFAR began to make files on the Italian politicians who (they deemed) could pose a threat...  . The activity was conducted with the help of the US officials... . Thus violating the (United States) Secret Service mission (far beyond the task of safeguarding the national security) and violating national sovereignty." ("The History of the Italian Secret Services", by Antonella Colonna Vilasi, 2014) 



"One of the SIFAR dossiers allegedly concerned Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, archbishop of Genoa."

(From: "Tapped a cardinal’s phone, Italy has 'I Spy' probe" National Catholic Reporter, May 17th, 1967)


In January 1967 the magazine L’Espresso revealed that the director of the Italian security service (SIFAR) had ordered the compilation of numerous dossiers on leading figures such as politicians, intellectuals, managers, and clergymen, only for some of these secret dossiers to suddenly *vanish. Even today it is not certain who leaked this information to the press. This overstepping of authority occurred with the explicit authorization and support of the American CIA.


"vanish" ? ... Note: After the SIFAR spying scandal got exposed, the decades-long CIA asset, Defense Minister *Giulio Andreotti, ordered the destruction of the dossiers; but before the destruction, Andreotti provided the documents to Licio Gelli (the [*figure head] Master of the secret masonic lodge of the Great Orient of Italy [Propaganda Due, aka P2]).

(Source: "[Italian] Senate of the Republic-Chamber of Deputies, XII Legislature, Doc. XXXIV, N. 1, Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Information and Security Services and State Secrets, § 4.2)


*The reported true head of the P2 Lodge was Giulio Andreotti himself [more on this below].  -TCW


U.S.A. Monument Honoring Italian Freemason Garibaldi

(Washington Square Park, NYC, NY)

Dedicated in 1888, the bronze life-sized statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, depicts the
Revolutionary standing upon a granite pedestal, with his right arm crossing his chest
reaching for his sword [symbolic of the bloody war he waged against the Pope and His
Domains (the Papal States), which the satanic Mason merciously plundered and subjected].


(Note: It is a historic fact that both the U.S. and the Modern Italian state, were founded on Revolutionary/Anti-Catholic principles, such as separation of Church and State, religious liberty, etc., and have had documented Masonic ties at the very highest levels of their goverments - with each other - dating back to the middle of the 19th Century. See: "Pius IX's Enemy Garibaldi Asked by Lincoln to Run (U.S.) Army": "... the rebel (Garibaldi), who in the 1850s had ... travelled through the US, was also a mason. The international masonic lodge successfully lobbied for him to be granted American citizenship.")


See: Declassified U.S. Dept of State Document: U.S. Involved in 1958 Coclave Coup  


In 1965, rife with scandal, the SIFAR was reorganized and (merely) rebranded by the Italian government into a new security agency, called the SID - for the Italian nation.






"Tapped a cardinal’s phone


 Italy has 'I Spy' probe"



By Desmond O'Grady

National Catholic Reporter

May 17, 1967


ROME - Italy has been having Its own version of a C.I.A. scandal, complete with a shake-up in the Italian security service, heated debate in both houses of Parliament and newspaper speculation of the extent of the spying.


Inevitably, the scandal has its clerical aspects, with charges that the Italian counterespionage organization (SIFAR) at the same time that it had friendly cooperation from the Vatican was also spying on cardinals, bishops and priests.

One of the SIFAR dossiers allegedly concerned Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, archbishop of Genoa.


The complicated affair also involves spying by other intelligence units... in an official report on the scandal, Defense Minister Roberto Tremelloni admitted:"


In 1959 the peripheral offices of SIFAR were asked to conduct biographical enquiries on eminent men within their jurisdiction and to give precise information on prelates, bishops and priests in various dioceses... After 1960, there were requests for more specific information with particular attention to vulnerable aspects of the persons, such as business deals. Intimate relationships and manifestations of frivolity.” [...]


Graphic & Descriptions provided by TCW - (From L/R):

1. True Pope Elected at 1958 Conclve, Gregory XVII "Siri", The Hostage Pope

2. Mainstream Media's False News / Promotion of Freemason Angelo Roncalli
3. Sacred Relic: St. Peter's [Church's First Pope] Chains that Bound him


One government telephone tap disclosed was on the line of Cardinul Giuseppe Siri when he was president of the Italian episcopal conference. ... This spying, carried out during the office of Tremelloni’s predecessor, Christian Democrat Giulio Andreottl, has been attributed to the unauthorized zeal of a security man. [Yeah right! -TCW]

Tremelloni, a Socialist, said in his report to Parliament that the spying showed there existed official *supervision of ecclesiastical thought and behavior. [...]


*Note: It is an important observation that the episcopal palace in Genoa, Italy, where Gregory XVII was effectively exiled for his sorrowful reign, had elaborate video surveillance cameras surrounding its perimeter - seemingly years before this type of technology was in common usage by the public sector, (i.e banks, government institutions, etc.). -TCW 


In its investigation. Parliament has decided that the culprits were the technicians rather than the politicians. [Lol -TCW] It replaced the heads of counterespionage services but absolved the ministers who said they did not know what was going on in their own ministry. (Extracted from: National Catholic Reporter, Volume 3, Number 29, 17 May 1967)



The CIA backed spying on Pope Gregory XVII was carried out during the 
office of the Italian Defense Minister Giulio Andreottl (a convicted murderer 
& the noted true head of the notorious Freemasonic "P2 Lodge"), who also was a very close contact of fellow craft member, Angelo Roncalli (Antipope John XXIII) 


High-Ranking Italian Freemason Giulio Andreotti pictured with 
the French Revolution slogan of "LIBERTAS" hanging above him


Andreotti was given the detail of the planned coup d'état of
the 1958 Conclave on October 24, 1958, by Roncalli himself


(From: L’Eglise Eclipsé 1997): "On Friday, October 24, on the eve of the closing [sealing the doors] of the Conclave, he [Roncalli] (1)summoned none other than Giulio Andreotti, the Italian politico who was identified by the widow (2)Calvi as the true head of P2 [Freemasonic] Lodge, to tell him in diplomatic language, of his forthcoming election. (Ibid, p.395) (Professor Carlo Alberto Agnoli, op. cit.)


(1.) Andreotti confirmed in the Italian 30 Days Magazine that he was received by Roncalli at the Domus Mariae hotel the morning of the opening of the (1958) Conclave. (Source: 30 Days "Paul VI" by Giulio Andreotti August 2004.) -TCW


(2.) "Not only was he [Andreotti] accused of being a freemason - by the wife of Roberto Calvi, the banker (and mason) found mysteriously hanged under Blackfriars bridge back in 1982 - but he was accused of being the hidden string-puller behind the lodge to which Calvi belonged. Headed by one Licio Gelli (alias "the Puppetmaster"), the so-called Propaganda Due, or P2, was a secret club whose members included senior figures in the police, the armed forces and the intelligence services as well as Italy's current prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi." (Source: "Prince of Darkness", by John Hooper, The Guardian, February 19, 2009)


"When Roncalli spoke with Andreotti, the Patriarch clearly told him that he knew from the first morning of the Conclave, a few hours before the Cardinal went from the Domus Mariae to the Vatican, that he would be the new Pope. Said Andreotti: 'That evening, Msgr. Capovilla telephoned me that the Patriarch [Roncalli] wanted to see me.'


"The Italian politico [Andreotti] then told of his longtime relations with Roncalli and Roncalli’s friendship with the modernist, Buonaiuti. Then he returned to his conversation with the Patriarch, who wanted to talk about the Conclave. ... Here is Andreotti’s commentary (of his conversation with Roncalli): 'I listened stupefied and embarrassed. I thus knew that Roncalli was sure of being *elected by the Conclave.'" (Giulio Andreotti, A ogni morte di Papa. I papi che ho conosciuto, Biblioteca-universale Rizzoli, 1982, pp. 65-66)


*implanted -ED of TCW



End Times Vision of Papal Prophetess, Ven. Elizabeth Canori Mora (d. 1825) 



Ven. Elizabeth Canori Mora on the Neglect of the "Faithful"


"The Church appeared to her [Ven. Elizabeth] standing before the throne of God, supplicating Him to spare her children ... . But the Most High refused to listen, and said to her: "Take the part of My Justice, and judge your own cause." At these words the Church took off all her ornaments, aided by three Angels, executioners of Divine Justice; reduced to this sad state, she became so weak that she could not support herself. Then Our Lord gave her a staff to support herself upon, and a veil to cover her head.

In her desolation she bitterly sobbed, and deplored the solitude in which her children had left her."


(Source: Extracted from the book: "Life of the Venerable Elizabeth Canori Mora", pages 102-103, 1878)



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The Editor & Staff of TCW



"Our enemies have on this been under no misapprehensions. From the outset, and with 
the greatest clearness of vision, they determined on their objective; first to separate you 
from Us and the Chair of Peter, and then to sow disorder among you." 
-Pope St. Pius X


Our Lady of Perseverance, Ora Pro Nobis!

His Holiness Pope Pius VIII (d. 1830)


"... eradicate those secret societies of factious men who, completely opposed to God and to princes, are wholly dedicated to bringing about the fall of the Church, the destruction of kingdoms, and disorder in the whole world. Having cast off the restraints of true religion, they prepare the way for shameful crimes. Indeed, because they concealed their societies, they aroused suspicion of their evil intent. Afterwards this evil intention broke forth, about to assail the sacred and the civil orders. Hence the supreme pontiffs, Our predecessors, Clement XII, Benedict XIV, Pius VII, Leo XII,[11] repeatedly ... condemned them in apostolic letters; We confirm those commands and order that they be observed exactly. In this matter We shall be diligent lest the Church and the state suffer harm from the machinations of such sects. With your help We strenuously take up the mission of destroying the strongholds which the putrid impiety of evil men sets up." (Source: Traditi Humilitati [On His Program for the Pontificate], Encyclical of Pope Pius VIII,  May 24, 1829 A.D., "To Our Venerable Brothers, Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops")


11. Clement XII, constitution In eminenti; Benedict XIV, constitution Providas; Pius VII, Constitution Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo; Leo XII, constitution Quo graviora.


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Ecclesiastical Approbation
In Today's Catholic World ( carries the approbation in writing of the Holy See in exile.

It faithfully adheres to the rules for Catholic Journals mandated by Leo XIII in the Apostolic Constitution Officiorum ac Munerum, January 25, 1897 - so heavily re-stressed by Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.


Biographical Data on His Eminence Giuseppe Cardinal Siri [the future Pope, *Gregory XVII, elected in 1958] released to Catholic News Editors/Outlets, and disseminated in the CNS (Catholic News Service) Newsfeed, on March 29, 1954 A.D.


*See: Marie-Julie Jahenny Prophecies on The Hostage Pope "Siri" 




Pope Pius XII Bestows the Red Biretta upon Siri in 1953 A.D.

Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy was only 46 when he was created a Cardinal 
in January, 1953 and became the youngest member of the Sacred College.


Note: His Excellency, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello, in a videotaped interview [1996], where he confirms that Cardinal Siri was lawfully elected the Pope, said Gregory XVII, "was the greatest intellectual genius I've ever met." Arbp. Pintonello, along with a small number of other Traditional clergyman, were made Cardinals by "The Hostage Pope", in a deliberately-carefully-timed ceremony, in Rome, in June, 1988. -ED



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(Pope Gregory XVII Consecrated Bishops in 1988)

"How to be in Valid Communion with the True Papacy"



End Times Papal Prophecy


"Towards the end of the world... the Pope with His Cardinals will

have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will

be unknown... .  The sufferings of the Church will be much greater

than at any previous time in her history." (Brother John of the Cleft Rock)


(To read more of Brother John's famous 650+ year-old papal prophecy, click here.)



On August 15, 1832, Gregory XVI, addressing all the Episcopal Hierarchy of the Catholic world, in his Encyclical: Mirari Vos wrote:


"Truly indeed we can say that this is the hour granted to the power of darkness to grind the elect as wheat."


St. Michael, Defend Us In Battle!

Image of Cardinal Siri of Genoa having an Audience with Pope Pius XII (c. 1955)


"When Pius XII died I was the *only candidate for his succession. It was he who designated me, Pope Pacelli. ... It is unimaginable what can happen in a conclave."

(Words of "Cardinal" Siri [Gregory XVII], Interview, Il Lavoro, 1987)


*"After the death of Pius XII cardinal Cicognani, who was secretary, sent me to Siri to offer him the candidacy. Cicognani thought that Siri was the only one who was able to continue Pacelli’s [Pius XII's] magisterium.” -Fr. José Sebastian Laboa (Interview 10/10/1989)


Note: It has been reported that Pope Pius XII had wanted Cardinal Siri of Genoa, to reign as the next pope after his death - without the convening of a Conclave [although rare, something a pope can do, i.e., choose his own successor]. But, Siri, greatly humbled, proposed it best to proceed with a Papal Conclave.


See: Anne Catherine Emmerich Prophesied Lucifer to be Unchained Mid-20th Century


                                            "Infiltrators? Yes... ”



It was February 1988. Two 30 Days (Magazine) reporters were on their way to the North Italian port city of Genoa to interview the Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri. [...] Siri was asked a question he did not expect, about the truth of periodic allegations that Masonry had infiltrated the Church. The elderly Cardinal did not answer and, suggesting that he did not want to make any public declaration on the issue, he pointed to the tape recorder that was switched on. Then he made a gesture with his other hand that was very eloquent. What he meant was: Of course, there was infiltration.’ The tape recorder was turned off and Siri added: 'This is a very serious matter, and I have first-hand sources. I have written my record of this and other events in the life of the Church, which will be published in 50 years’ time. But for now, I would prefer not to say anything more.'" (Extracted from: 30 Days Magazine, "Infiltrators? Yes... ”, November, 1991, p. 55)



 "Violent hands will be laid on the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church. ... Yes

yes, the flock will become small. Many of you will see those sad times and days which will bring such evil in their train... ." (End Times Prophecy of Bp. Wittman)




L/R: (1.) As a Cardinal, Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy was known to be the handpicked successor of Pius XII. (2.) Papal Conclave on Oct 26, 1958 at 6:00 p.m., white smoke bellows forth from the Sistine Chapel for five minutes, indicating Siri is elected Pope. He *accepted the office and chose the name Gregory XVII. Then, a freemasonic coup d'etat occurred within the conclave itself - violently "blocking" the newly elected pope. (3.) The ominous reality of Our Lady of La Salette's words that: "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse...," is now sadly right before our very eyes.


*The person thus elected [pope] acquires full jurisdiction over the universal Church immediately on consenting, and becomes the Vicar of Christ on earth."  ("Canonical Electionsp. 107, 1917, Imprimatur)





At the 1958 Conclave on October 26th: *"Siri, [according to FBI sources],

obtained the necessary votes and was elected Pope Gregory XVII".


*(Declassified U.S. Department of State secret dispatch, "John XXIII", issue date:

November 20, 1958, declassified: November 11, 1974 [Also see] U.S. Department of

State secret file "Cardinal Siri", issue date: April 10, 1961, declassified: February 28, 1994.)


Important Note: The 1917 Code (Canon 1814) states that civil documents are to be presumed genuine unless the contrary is proven by evident arguments.



After the 1958 coup, "Siri" Favored Abolishing the Secret of the Conclave


"As to the Conclaves of the future, Siri used to say one should pray in order to obtain the grace that the prospective participants be truly free from any partisan influence and influx, not only of an ethical and political nature, but even social. And that no sect lay its hand onto these! [Conclaves] concluded he. He was referring to Freemasonry, which he claimed have knowledge, through direct confidences, received by affiliates, and knowing the schemes through which Freemasonry attempted to tighten its grip on men and organs of the Vatican, (He did not hesitate to name a few), and with the danger that threatened to extend its grip onto the Conclave. Perhaps it was also on the account of that, that he proposed the abolition of the secret: that all will take place in broad daylight!"


(Source: "Cardinal Giuseppe Siri – Archbishop of Genoa from 1946 to 1987 – Life,

Teaching, Spiritual Heritage, Memories", By Fr. Raimondo Spiazzi O.P., Jan. 1, 1990)



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"There is one God, and one Christ, and but one episcopal chair, originally founded on Peter
by our Lord's authority. There cannot, therefore, be erected another altar, or another priesthood.
Whatever any man in his rage or rashness shall appoint, in defiance of the divine institution,

must be a spurious, profane, and sacrilegious ordinance." St. Cyprian, Church Father (d. 258)


Anne Catherine Emmerich Prophecy on Roncalli's 1958 Schism from the True Pope

C.I.A. Oversaw Foreign Intel Agency's Spying on Hostage Pope, Gregory XVII 

"terrible revive our faith" -Melanie Calvat (Seer at La Salette) (This is the final battle, Roman Catholicism vs. Judeo-Masonry.

Read the Traditional Pontifical statements condemning the evil sect of Freemasonry, as outlined

by the famous Monseigneur Ernest Jouin. Absolutely imperative for Catholics! -TCW)

"Here is my fiery sword... for the fight" -St. Michael



Exiled Pope to be "Victoriously Exalted" - Pray!


Prophecy of St. Nicolas of Fluh (15th c.): "The Church will be PUNISHED because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the SUCCESSION OF PETER and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, SHE WILL BE VICTORIOUSLY EXALTED in the sight of ALL doubters."



Our Lady of Perseverance, Ora Pro Nobis!

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