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Image of Albert Bourla, CEO of drug [vaccine] maker Pfizer, speaking at the globalist World Economic Forum. Bourla just

tested positive for Covid-19.


Note: Bourla regularly lets the press know, he's a Proud Zionist...

*"I’ve always been close to Israel, closely following what’s happen-

ing here and I have many Israeli friends, so I have a very good understanding of what’s happening here. ... Israel has become an example to the world. Everybody – those who hate us and those who love us – know that we are able to do things that no one else has done. Not only Jews throughout the years but Jews who build this country, Israel. I think the message I’d like to give is this: Try to stay as united as you can, and don’t let small things divide you. There is something bigger, which is the future of Israel." 

*(Source: Interview of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla by The Jerusalem Post, July 2, 2022)


August 15th 2022 A.D. - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary



                [Part I – Details on the Assumption of Mary]
                [Part II – A Discourse on the Assumption of Mary]
                [Part III – Devotional Prayers]

"Walking by a park bench today, near my house, I came across a bright green lizard [a Green Anole] sunning itself. When it saw me, it quickly moved from the top part of the railing, of the bench, to the shaded side of it. And within less than 20 seconds, kicked in its God given natural camouflage stealth defense. You can see part of the bright green color (that it ENTIRELY was, just moments before) on its neck... neat to watch!" -ED of TCW (Related Link: "God's Marvelous Creation - Rare Barreleye Fish Filmed!" see:
Police in Palm Beach, Florida, have received intelligence that armed Pro-Trump protesters are headed to the area following the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. They were expected to begin arriving on Tuesday. Palm Beach police said in a statement that the department had not been notified of the search warrant or raid ahead of time, "nor did our department assist the FBI in the execution of a search warrant."

"I acknowledge the holy, catholic, apostolic and Roman church, the mother and mistress of *all the churches. Likewise all other things which have been transmitted, defined and declared by the sacred canons and the ecumenical councils, especially the sacred Trent, I accept unhesitatingly and profess; in the same way whatever is to the contrary, and whatever heresies have been condemned, rejected and anathematised by the church, I too condemn, reject and anathematise. This true catholic faith, outside of which none can be saved, which I now freely profess and truly hold, is what I shall steadfastly maintain and confess, by the help of God, in all its completeness and purity until my dying breath, and I shall do my best to ensure that all others do the same. This is what I, the same Pius, promise, vow and swear. So help me God and these holy gospels of God."


*"all the churches": (i.e., Catholic churches with jurisdiction from the Primacy in Rome, spread throughout the world).

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FOX News Exclusive: "Trump 'will do whatever' he can to 'help the country' after FBI raid: 'Temperature has to be brought down'", full article here:

Yesterday | 09:52

"Canada’s road to allowing euthanasia began in 2015, when its highest court declared that outlawing assisted suicide deprived people of their dignity and autonomy." (Source: AP News Article, 08/11/2022)

Yesterday | 09:46

Euthanasia is now a leading cause of death in Canada only a few years after being "legalized". A person can be granted, by the Canadian government, approval to kill themselves over the so called health condition of hearing loss!

10.08 | 04:16

Thank you from a Catholic in Sweden! 500 years after the Reformation-Schism robbed the people here of their Catholic faith, the church is returning. Hallelujah!