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Dear Readers of TCW

With the onslaught of information suppression increasing daily, TCW (In Today's Catholic World) thinks it prudent to provide its readers the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance [digital backup services] and proliferation of this True Catholic News site and its family of eighteen other approbated sites. In addition, many of our readers have requested a way to assist. 

If you would like to contribute to TCW, please click here



The Editor & Staff of TCW

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THE TCW STAFF | Reply 22.03.2021 17:42

Thank you to all recent donors for your continued assistance in adding TCW to disseminate True Catholic content worldwide.
A.M.D.G., The TCW Staff

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 11.03.2021 13:09

Many thanks to R.R., and E.V., for helping TCW further disseminate True Catholic content worldwide.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 22.02.2021 21:25

Thank you P.J., for supporting True Catholic content/news - across the world - via TCW and its family of 18 other approbated sites.
A.M.D.G., The TCW Staff

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 20.02.2021 09:02

Thank you very much V., for helping TCW further disseminate True Catholic content worldwide.
A.M.D.G., The TCW Staff

The TCW Staff | Reply 18.02.2021 08:10

Thank you J. in CAN for supporting True Catholic content/news. We are receiving an increase of individuals reaching out for more ... info.
A.M.D.G., The TCW Staff

LUCY S | Reply 14.02.2021 05:40

I have sent a donation using my son's computer. Please let me know if you receive it.

The TCW Staff 14.02.2021 21:11

Hi L.S., yes we confirm we did receive your donation via TCW's Paypal account. Thank you very much for supporting True Catholic content/news during this period of concerted info suppression - by monopolistic digital entities.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 25.01.2021 16:04

Note: Reconfirmed- no issues with sending donations via TCW's Paypal link (above). Many thanks today, to those who contributed online, to help TCW further disseminate True Catholic content worldwide.

Lucy S | Reply 24.01.2021 19:08

I've been trying to donate. I clicked to donate and PayPal shows up and it says
PayPal at the top but the page is blank. Also l have cookies on and doesn't work.

THE TCW STAFF 24.01.2021 19:50

Hi. L.S., others have been able to. This is a screen shot of the active link - are you seeing this? See: http://todayscatholicworld.com/paypal-screen-shot-01-24-21.png Thank you for your support of True Catholic News! -TCW

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