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"Cardinal Siri at Pius XII's Funeral & 'in' Conclave" (1958) 

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"This PLAN (to install a false pope) was also revealed in a letter by Cardinal Tisserant, March 12, 1970, in which he made a pointed allusion to the 'planned' election of "Pope" John XXIII: 'The election of the current Sovereign Pontiff was done quickly. It is the election of Jean XXIII, that was discussed at numerous meetings. I do not know of any information on the process was able to be given by anyone after the conclave. Secrecy was imposed even more strictly than ever. IT IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS TO SAY THAT ANY CARDINAL WOULD HAVE BEEN ELECTED. You understand that I can say no more.

My best regards'. (Photocopy of the letter published F. Bellegrandi's book, op. cit. p. 30)...

"In another letter, Cardinal Tisserant told a priest teaching canon law that THE ELECTION OF JOHN XXIII WAS ILLEGITIMATE because it WAS WILLED AND PLANNED FOR BY FORCES ALIEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT." ('Vita' 18 September, 1977, p. 4: 'Le profezie sui papi nell'elenco di San Malachia')-['Prophecies on the popes by Saint Malachy']."

   (Source of above text is: L'Eglise Eclips√© par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

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