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Image: Coronation of King Charles VII of France in Reims Cathedral, 1429

"The signs that will accompany the arrival of the Great Monarch will look like the signs of terror that appeared on Good Friday (the sun obscured, the earth shaken...)." (February 28, 1882)

"The true ministers of God, who had hidden themselves, during the persecution, will return to the King’s call, but very few will answer this call: I saw only four." (December 1, 1876)

"The end of the wicked will come... when the King is crowned." (August 17, 1905)

"The Bishop, destined for the coronation of the Great Monarch as King of France, will not be of Paris but of the Diocese of Aix; he will be young, he will not be 45 years old yet. He will be a “glorious son of God,” a true Pastor and not a “pastor of those days,” when the bishops abandoned their episcopal see. The coronation will take place on the ruins of the Centre of Paris." (May 26, 1882)

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Dec. 30, 2020

EDITOR OF TCW 11.09.2022 17:14

Yes, this is The Apostasy. M.J.J., says: "I saw only FOUR [priests]." Note: Right before the 1789 French Revolution, there were, "at least 130,000 clergymen and religious in France", according to the Church Approved, "La Civiltà Cattolica", Dec. 9, 1890.

Charles Misko 06.11.2021 22:12

Death To The Neo-LIB New World Order. Long Live The King!!!

daniel 04.04.2021 21:29

I would like to get to Brittany as soon as possible...

The Editor of TCW 18.03.2022 04:29

So do I. Maria-Julie's prophecies are a bulls-eye. She says: Brittany will be the safest place on earth during the upcoming 3 Days of Darkness & the Great Catholic Monarch will come there too, among other things related to this very special land.

M. Coolen 17.01.2021 12:17

Elisabeth Mora: All true and good Catholics shall experience the powerful protection of the holy Apostles, St Peter and St Paul, who will watch over them.

M. Coolen 16.01.2021 22:21

Can we lay people be there?

The TCW Staff 17.01.2021 03:57

Yes, True Catholics should move to Britanny (where the world-wide 3 Days of Darkness punishment will be the least experienced/felt) if it, on a WELL thought out/planned PRACTICAL level, is feasible.

JOSEP 11.01.2021 04:52

That's amazing.

John Nicolas 30.12.2020 14:28

Only four will answer the call. Now we can understand this better, since there are hardly any valid Bishops left, in union with the true Pope