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Charlemagne surrounded by his principal officers, receiving Alcuin

who is presenting some manuscripts made by his monks

(Painting by Jean Victor Schnetz, 19th C.) 

"Let no Catholic dare to contend against the authority of the Church; and

that he may not be found to be a schismatic or non-Catholic, let him follow

the most trustworthy authority of the Roman Church ... that the members be not separated from their Head; that the bearer of the Keys of the heavenly

kingdom may not reject them as having deviated from his doctrines."

Words of Alcuin of York, Abbot, d. 804 A.D. Note: At the invitation of Charlemagne, Alcuin became the master of the palace school. He was the key advisor to the King himself. Alcuin developed the Carolingian minuscule, a clear script which has become the basis of the way the letters of the present Roman alphabet are written. "The most learned man anywhere to be found", according to Einhard's Life of Charlemagne (ca. 817 - 833 A.D.).

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