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"no... spiritual good... if the Church’s laws are being violated"

(Pope Pius XII)

 "The real character of rank heresy consists in want of submission to the divine teaching authority in the Head of the Church." 

(St. Thomas Aquinas)

Pope Pius XII authoritatively quashed the sophistic pleas by "traditionalist" "priests" (i.e. the Novus Ordo sect's sspx - and the sedevacantist sect) - that they must obey the “higher law” of providing Catholics with the Mass and Sacraments via non papal mandated (elementary schismatic) "consecrations", in his encyclical Ad Apostolorum Principis:

“What then is to be the opinion concerning the excuse…that [these priests] had to act…because of the need to tend to the souls in those dioceses which were then without a bishop? It is obvious that no thought is being taken of the spiritual good of the faithful if the Church’s laws are being *violated.."

(Encyclical "Ad Apostolorum Principis" [The Prince of the Apostles], Pope Pius XII, June 29th, 1958)

*To attempt to consecrate a bishop without a papal mandate incurs ipso facto (1.) excommunication. This means that the excommunication takes place by the very fact of the attempted criminal/sacrilegious consecration; there need not be an accusation and trial to determine one’s guilt: The act itself results in the penalty.

(1.) Under the severest censure (the penalty of excommunication): one may not participate in public worship nor receive the Body of Christ or any of the sacraments. Moreover, if he be a cleric, he is forbidden to administer a sacred rite or to exercise an act of spiritual authority.

Today's Willfully Deluded Schismatics

"When ... the truths that the mind proposes disturb the equanimity and complacency of his

 (a liberal's) egosim by imposing duties or exacting service, the liberal is inclined to eliminate such unpleasent considerations by forcing his mind to ignore them and to tolerate delusion in their stead."

-Cardinal Billot, "Liberalism: A Criticism of Its Basic Principles and Divers Forms”, page 9, 1922

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The Papal Restoration Staff

Sep. 3, 2013


The Worst Sin!: "The gravity of sin is determined by the interval which it places between man and God; now SIN AGAINST FAITH, divides man from God as far as possible ... it therefore follows that SIN AGAINST FAITH IS THE GREATEST OF ALL SINS." -Aquinas

Joseph L. 18.07.2014 15:13

2 other Pontiffs vindicate Pope Pius XII on Hierarchy & Consecrations: Popes Callistus II & Paul III. See Denzinger #363 & 960.

MICHELLE L 16.07.2014 16:27

Thank you for unmasking the SSPX's and sedevacantist's diabolical errors! I now see I have never received Confession or valid Communion. What do I do? Please help.


Hi. You are not alone ... other humble souls have received the Great grace to see the True Faith & embrace it, by abjuring their errors & having their censures (excommunications) lifted for participating in false worship. See: