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The Glorious Vatican Council in 1870 infallibly stated that St. Peter *HAS (not will have) perpetual successors. The pertinent quotation is found in Denzinger #1825: Si quis ergo dixerit, non esse ex ipsius Christi domini institutione seu iure divino, ut beatus Petrus in primatu super universam ecclesiam habeat perpetuos successores; … anathema sit.” [*Habeat = he has (present tense—subjunctive because it follows dixerit according to sequence of tenses). Future tense (he will have) = habebit. He must have = debeat habere. Habeat then equals HAS, not must have or will have.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "In the noble works which the fathers of the early centuries of Christianity wrote to defend the doctrines of the Church against their assailants, they unanimously lay down this CLEAR PRINCIPLE, that 'such doctrine is truly Catholic as has been believed in all places, at all times, and by all the faithful.' By this test of universality, antiquity, and consent, the Church tries, especially in her general councils, all questions concerning faith and morals, CONDEMNS AND REJECTS ALL *VARIATIONS FROM THIS BELIEF, and thus always triumphs over heresy and infidelity." -Fr. Michael Mueller, C.SS.R., 1880 A.D. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Decree of Pope St. Stephen I (257 A.D.): "Let no innovation be introduced, but let that be observed which is handed down to us by tradition." (Letter to the Church of Africa)

Jul. 29, 2013


Gemma 23.08.2019 20:37

Thank you so much for the information and encouragement.

Jane Lattimer 09.08.2019 15:20

May I ask which book you used in reference to Fr. Michael Mueller’s statement above? The title of the book, publication date and page reference? Thank you.

EDITOR OF TCW 23.08.2019 04:27

Published 1880 Imp. Part II of the book, on the Church's Enemies, p. 14.

Amanda Harrison 10.12.2017 08:18

Please tell me more updated information is still going on in Dec 2017?!m a new convert to the Cath faith seeking only the truth, N.O. & SSPX dont seem truth.

Papal Restoration Staff Member 04.11.2014 16:32

"Credo ut intelligam" (I believe so that I may understand) -St. Augustine

Nellie 15.04.2014 04:05

This is so timely! Thank you for citing both the council and the Denzinger #. I have been trying to find this for a friend

Stephen D. Hottinger 30.07.2013 16:49

My 1950's Catholic education confirmed to me as a child what always remains a TRUTH: God provides a successor Vicar without fail--NOTHING can change that TRUTH!

Robert Thaler 04.11.2014 17:40

Hi Stephen, It is so evident that a valid pope cannot contradict the historic teachings of Catholic Church. Since 1958, our valid pope must be in exile. GB PT

peter mc carthy 30.07.2013 14:19

Good to see at last the correct wording. Every true and infallible pope since St Peter is a perpetual successor of Saint Peter.