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The innocent King Louis XVI, saying good-bye to his children, before his execution

 "During the time of the French Revolution, many of the
terrible and heart-rending scenes of those days were
represented to her, and Anne Catharine was several times
*carried in spirit into the cell of the unfortunate Queen
Marie Antoinette, in order to pray for her consolation
and support. These visits made so deep an impression
on her mind, that she used often to talk to her parents
and brothers and sisters about the troubles of the poor
Queen, imploring them to join their prayers with her own
for her deliverance... .

She often received a charge to assist the dying with her prayers, 
as in the case of the King Louis XVI. and his fellow
sufferers, the sight of whose patient resignation affected
her deeply, and she amazed those around her with her
allusions to the unfortunate royal family, saying how good
it was that they had been taken away out of so much
misery and horror."

*Note: Anne Catherine Emmerich was brought to the suffering

French Catholic Monarchs, and others, by her Guardian Angel. -ED


                                                       Catholic Prophetess Catherine Emmerich

"Wherever her assistance was most needed,
there her angel took her: to the bedside of the sick,
to those in affliction, sin, or want, wherever aid was required,
physical or spiritual, there was she ever to be found,
with her heavenly guide, shedding a consoling, refreshing,
vivifying, hallowing influence around her, out of the depths
of her endless sympathy with mankind; and as true sympathy
knows no limits and no reticences, so nothing could hinder
the joyful ardour with which she obeyed these behests of her
spiritual guide. When once questioned upon the subject, she
related, "The angel calls me, and leads me hither and
thither. Very often we make long journeys together.
Sometimes he takes me to visit people I am acquainted
with, or have perhaps seen once, but oftener to others
totally unknown to me.


"Even across the sea I have been led, but it was done
as quick as thought. He it was who took me to visit the
poor Queen of France in her prison. When he comes to
fetch me, I first of all behold a brilliant light, and then
his form rises... . Sometimes my guide goes on in front of me,
and sometimes by my side. I never see that he moves his
feet; he glides along very silently, I talk to him quite boldly,
but can never look him direct in the face, awe keeps me so
bowed down before him; he teaches me everything, and I
ask very few questions. ... ."


(Text extracted from: "The Life of Anne Catharine Emmerich", 
By Helen Ram, pp. 20-21, 66-67, London: Burns and Oates, 1874)



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