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Back in September 28th, 2008 TCW posted three stanzas and an article about a rare 400 year-old book of prophecies in Latin called Nova Roma, written by a monk named Fratris Joannis Lucenciani.

Here, presented for the first time online, is a stanza which clearly connects the name Siri with a Suffering Holy Father

Sirius est sidus. Ceciditiam pulvere tectum 

Lumina et auriculas claudere pergit humi 

Papa nimis patitur, ''Quid agit?'' Patitur, Nihil ultra 

Heu, si papa foret, tandem aliquando ageret



The translation is as follows:


Sirius is a star. It has already fallen into dust. It continues to cover the eyes and ears in the ground [or with earth/soil] The pope suffers exceedingly, “What does he do?” He suffers, there is no greater suffering. Oh! if the pope were to be, if he finally, at any time, were to act [Or, alternatively: Oh! May the pope be, may he finally act].

In analysing the translation, we find a prophetical reference to the exiled [sede impediti] papacy of Pope Gregory XVII:

Sirius, surely refers to Siri, who has fallen from the sky; that is, his rightful place in the firmament, or Church Hierarchy.

Since Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens, it represents the Pope. However, the prophecy narrates that the Star, the True Pope, is hidden, covered with dust, or "eclipsed", (as Our Lady foretold at La Salette), so that it/He cannot be seen or heard. 

Considering that he cannot be seen or heard, he suffers exceedingly and cannot escape from his place “in the ground” or “under the soil”. For that reason, he can do nothing directly and his suffering is intense, like never before experienced, by another pope.



Tu es Petrus

And of course, God removes obstacles for the Pope to act at last. Our Blessed Lord tests, yet could never abandon His Church, and His faithful Pope acts in accordance with His Will. 


On June 14th, 1988, after a 30-year papacy in exile and pain, Gregory XVII meets a providential priest, Fr. PKVT He knows that this is his opportunity to act. 

Unbeknownst to the jailer "secretary" Mario Grone, meetings take place and plans for Papal Succession are made.


Deo Gratias!  Habemus Papam!

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The Vatican Council in 1870 infallibly stated that St. Peter HAS (not will have) perpetual successors. The pertinent quotation is found in Denzinger #1825: Si quis ergo dixerit, non esse ex ipsius Christi domini institutione seu iure divino, ut beatus Petrus in primatu super universam ecclesiam habeat perpetuos successores; … anathema sit.”

Habeat = he has (present tense—subjunctive because it follows dixerit according to sequence of tenses). Future tense (he will have) = habebit. He must have = debeat habere. Habeat then equals has, not must have or will have. 

Perpetuus, a, um:

• Cassell’s Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary: (peto) continuous, uninterrupted, continual. I. a, of space, mu­nitiones, Caes.; oratio, Cic; carmen, Hor.; b. of time, unbroken, continuing, lasting, perpetual; ignis Vestae perpetuus ac sempiternus, Cic; questiones, composed of a standing body of judges, Cic; interpetuum, for ever, Cic. II. universal, general; jus, Cic. (Also see) • Second Latin, Scanlon and Scanlon: perpetual, everlasting, unfailing; in perpetuum, forever. 

"It follows that, although the hands of blind or wicked men may rob the Church, may pluck the crown from the Pontiff's brow, may drive her prelates into exile or death, may destroy and defile her sanctuaries, may persecute her children and massacre them by thousands, yet her faith, planted by the Son of God on earth, will gloriously shine and endure to the end of the world."

(Fr. Michael Müller, C.SS.R., "Explanation of Christian Doctrine adapted for 

the Family and More Advanced Students in Catholic Schools and Colleges.")

    "It is necessary for salvation that all the faithful of Christ be subject to the Roman Pontiff." 

                                                                          (V Lateran Council)  

Aug. 15, 2014

Declan O'Doherty 14.02.2020 07:37

Our Lady Of Good Success foretold the crisis in the church, which in these times is being revealed, I am stunned by your revelations,but thank you

SARAH 17.05.2015 12:29

For so many years I yearn until now... I need this site...thanks to my guardian angel who led us to the right from Philippine.

Lily 28.11.2014 18:32

"The brightest star", "covered with dust" those with eyes to see can understand. So many blinded w/a selfish desire for "mass" on Sunday w/o papal jurisdiction.

Noah 18.08.2014 02:07

Yes, we are home at last. The True Pope and the True Catholic Church. Deo Gratias!

Nellie 17.08.2014 16:56

Leah, you are so right. We are home, safe. No one and nothing can take away the peace inside of us. We are with Holy Mother Church at last!

Robert Thaler 19.08.2014 00:53

Nellie, and all; takes courage to be ridiculed by our friends and relatives, just as Cardinal Siri stood alone... speak up to save souls. Is
incense to God!

Christopher Mick 17.08.2014 16:18

We should continue to try and connect to as many faithful Catholics as possible! Unfortunately, many are blinded by their false belief in the structure...

Papal Restoration Staff Member 28.01.2015 02:45

Nellie, I think they were led down that alien "mass alone" path (decades ago) on purpose. Regardless, at this point how can the larger number of
those proud schismatics not be culpable?

Nellie 23.08.2014 19:47

The "mass alone" are blind. They want a mass but they have forgotten that Graces only come when the validly ordained priest has Papal Jurisdiction.

Leah Chapman 16.08.2014 02:58

It is not hard to belong to the underground church, on the contrary, it is exciting to know it will all come together. What is going on above ground is awful.

Maria 28.11.2014 15:49

God bless and protect you all, you faithful few. Because we love the truth God has opened our eyes. Some listen n understand, others don't care, n time is short