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"Our Lord came to the world to re-establish the kingdom of His Father and to destroy the kingdom of the prince of darkness. But….

After the teachings of the apostles, says the voice of the ages, a day will come where Satan, full of rage against Jesus Christ and the Christians will regain the ground he has lost, reinforce his reign and will extend it in the distance. Then he will thrust himself on Rome, because she and the residence of the Pontiffs is his rival. He will render himself master, HE WILL DRIVE OUT THE VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST (Popes Gregory XVII elected 10/26/58 & His Successor *Gregory XVIII elected 05/03/91 to Present. -ED), he will persecute the true faithful and will cut the throats of the religious and the priests."

(Cornelius to Lapide, Suarez, St. Robert Bellarmine quoted by Msgr. Gaume, Protonotaire Apostolique, La Situation, p. 28, 1860.)

This savage attack on the True Popes has brought "the eclipse of the Church" as forewarned by Our Lady of La Salette (on September 19, 1846). True Catholics must fight for the Vicar of Christ!")

Sep. 19, 2013

Judith Cazeñas-Kessel 11.04.2015 02:49

Thank you so much! I was shocked to know about the SSPX!
I thought they were the faithful ones.

James D.J 31.01.2014 17:52

A matter of security for the clergy in exile?

James D.J 29.01.2014 17:20

Hi, can we hope to get some new articles one day? Will the hierarchy allow it again? Thanks


Yes, we have more than 230 declassified documents from the US Archives concerning the Vatican going back to the 19th c. & boxes of historic data (docs, tapes, etc) on the True Church (in eclipse) from the 60's thru early 90's. Again security IS an issue.