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In 1327 Bishop Fournier was made a Cardinal and in 1334 he was elected as Pope Benedict XII!


The erudite Jacques Fournier, Bishop of Pamiers 1318-1325 A.D., (the future Benedict XII) undertook a rigorous hunt for Cathars [heretics], which won him praise from numerous ecclesiastics. His efforts against the Cathars of Montaillou in the Ariège were carefully recorded in what is called the Fournier Inquisition Register, which was deposited in the Vatican Library where it remains to this day.


The following is an excerpt from that 14th c. Register - of the judicial formula [statement under oath] used in a heretic's confession before Bishop Fournier's Inquisition Tribunal - which includes an abjuration of their crime(s) against the Faith, in their hope to be reconciled with the Church:


"It is indeed of faith that no one can be saved outside the Apostolic Roman Church; that this Church is the one ark of salvation; that he who has not entered it, will perish in the deluge." -Ven. Pope Pius IX



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Dec. 18, 2021


THE TCW STAFF 26.12.2021 16:42

It is noted that Bp. Fournier's Inquisition Record is one of the most comprehensive documents to survive from the Middle Ages.