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Source: "The Rosary Crusade" by a Dominican Father,

Page 32, Imprimatur Edward F. Hoban, S.T.D.

Episcopus-Coadjutor Clevelandensis, August 4, 1943



"THE ROSARY is a sign of the Catholic faith. Every
Catholic should carry one always, as a mark of
identification, and as a means to sanctify spare
moments. Blessed objects, such as Rosaries and mirac-
ulous medals, have proved a powerful protection to
our soldiers and sailors in times of danger. Even non-
Catholics wish to possess them.

The Rosary may be said at any time and in any
place. The whole Rosary does not need to be said at
once. A decade at a time may be said in spare mo-
ments. If the Rosary beads cannot be used the Hail
Marys may be counted in another way.

Men may finger beads in their pockets. A few
decades may be said in the armchair, on the front
porch, in the trolley, train, or automobile; while
walking to work or to school; during idle hours or
during a sickness. A common custom is to say the
Rosary in bed until falling asleep.

BECAUSE it is difficult to obtain Rosaries during
the present *emergency, everyone should take
good care of his beads, bearing in mind that,
when two or more persons recite the beads together,
the indulgences are gained by those present who have
no Rosary, provided that at least one person in the
group is using the beads. Also that indulgences are
attached to the beads and not to the chain or cord.
A new blessing is not needed when the Rosary is
loaned or given away; nor if several beads are miss-
ing or replaced, or all the beads are restrung or
rewired. Furthermore, certain indulgences may be
gained by individuals, even without the actual use
of the Rosary."

*This book was published in the U.S. during WWII. -TCW

Oct. 13, 2021