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March 3 (Newsmax) -- There have been 108 migrants released by the Border Patrol in Texas since late January who have tested positive for the coronavirus after their arrival, officials told Fox News on Wednesday.

Felipe Romero, a spokesperson for the Texas border city of Brownsville, said municipality officials are advising the migrants to quarantine and follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but they do not have the authority to prevent those who test positive from going elsewhere in the U.S. ... 


NBC News reported that city officials told Noticias Telemundo Investiga that it is advising migrants with coronavirus to go to nonprofits in the area for help in finding places they can isolate, but several illegal immigrants who tested positive said they would soon go to other cities.

A worker for one of the bus companies at the terminal said passengers must wear masks on board and use hand sanitizer gel, but the company cannot ask travellers for coronavirus tests before getting on a bus.

Illegal immigrants are usually released with a permit or under supervision with an ankle monitor, according to NBC News. Once they arrive at their destinations, they are supposed to continue their asylum processes [go to a mandated court appearance, which they rarely ever show up at -TCW] in an attempt to remain in the U.S.

Mar. 3, 2021