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(Background to this piece):

Mel Gibson, who owns the movie rights to the "Cardinal Siri Story" - in the mid 1990's compiled a North American & Italian research team to hopefully visit/interview the renowned Italian prelate, Archbishop Arrigo Pintonello. Gibson's team was able to have three *meetings with Abp. Pintonello from 1995 to 1997. Two of the meetings were videotaped at length by Gibson's crew. (Note: A member of the PRC staff has viewed all the footage/recorded the dialogue.)


*"I remember... the meeting with the actor, of Australian origin, Mel Gibson who, as a fervent
traditionalist Catholic, wanted to have two of his many children confirmed by Msgr. Pintonello."
(From Sig. G. Costa's, The Archbishop of Iron: Remembrance of His Excellency Mons. Arrigo Pintonello)


Fascinating questions were asked to Archbishop Pintonello, which received often equally, or even greater, fascinating replies.


In a 1996 video interview conducted at Selva dei Pini (an international school for ambassadors' children in Pomezia, a suburb of Rome) with His Excellency's secretary Mons. Giacomino Feminò present and Mel Gibson seated to the prelate's right, an American interviewer (utilizing a professional Italian translator) obtained historically important information - which included Abp. Pintonello stating that worldwide Masonry had taken over the Church and was being controlled from the Vatican [structures] itself - and this exchange:

American Interviewer: "I believe Siri was a Pope."


Archbishop Pintonello: "Siri was the best Pope."

Note: Archbishop Pintonello was created a Cardinal by Pope Gregory XVII (known to the world as Cardinal Archbishop Giuseppe Siri, of Genoa, Italy) in a clandestine meeting in June 1988 at the Istituto Ravasco Convent in Rome, along with at least two other clerics. Mel Gibson owns the rights to any publishing of the Pintonello videotaped interviews. -TCW

December 28th, 1953 film clip of His Excellency Abp. Arrigo Pintonello,
arriving at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, to meet with the President of Italy.

"Violent hands will be laid on the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church. ... Yes, 

yes, the flock will become small." (End Times Prophecy of Bp. Wittman d. 1833)



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Canons of the Sacraments of Orders (DZ 966, Can. 6): “If anyone says that in the
Catholic Church a hierarchy has not been instituted by divine ordinance, which
consists of the bishops, priests, and ministers: let him be anathema [cf. n. DZ 960].”



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Thank you to St.Louis and TCW for the last 16 years.

THE TCW STAFF 30.08.2021 04:41

Thanks Mary F., from TCW for your generous support & prayers, for more than a decade.

Damariz Darce 15.02.2021 01:37

Necesito que me orienten ¿ Cómo puedo pertenecer a la Iglesia Católica? Sé que estoy lejos de los lugares dónde están.

The TCW Staff 15.02.2021 02:03

Los edificios han sido usurpados. La Iglesia es "subterránea". Ver:

Shawn McKenna 12.10.2020 01:14

Would like to know more


TCW knows of three families with copies of this videotaped 1996 interview (mentioned above) where His Excellency Abp. Pintonello, is filmed proclaiming the historic fact, that "Siri" was indeed a True Lawful Pope (elected in 1958).

Mary 06.12.2019 14:14

How wonderfully regal the Abp. is.

Brett Chase 02.01.2020 02:21

Yes, please share more film clips if possible.

Damariz Darce 24.11.2019 02:25

También me interesa poder obtener una Vela Bendita y Agua Bendita. Agradezco mucho vuestra información! La Santísima Trinidad los guíe! Gracias.


Abp. Pintonello refused to sign ANY of the N.O. sect's Vatican 2 Council documents. NON-priest Lefebvre signed EVERY one of the Vatican 2 Council documents - although Lefebvre & his followers for decades (cont.)


...tried to falsify history by saying he signed none of them,
see TCW's article exposing this here:


Gregory XII ("Siri") was under grave duress, his free-will was impeded, hence his "signing" of any of those documents had absolutely NO VALUE. He publicly declared the V2 Docs lacked authority - that Catholics were NOT bound by them.

Maria E Spiers 19.10.2019 19:02

I also would like to get involved in the True Papal Restoration Campaign. May the Holy Trinity bless you.


Many, many emails received in the last 48 hours of people wanting to get involved in the True Papal Restoration Campaign... Deo gratias!


We added a brief film clip from 1953, of His Excellency Abp. Arrigo Pintonello
in Rome, to this post (scroll down).


Abp. Pintonello discussing Gregory 17 in the '96 video interview, said he "was the greatest intellectual genius I've ever met." And in a gasp like Jeremiah, lamented how Christ could permit the Cardinals to do this to him! (The coup at the '58 Conclave.)