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The PRC is most grateful to the Italian Catholics, in union with Pope Gregory XVIII (now in *exile), for their charity towards the True Church's sacred ministers. And is pleased to post that the Hierarchy wants it relayed to them, that they will have the great opportunity to attend Holy Christmas Mass, in their important country, this year!


For Italians (and other True Catholics from around the world) who want to receive all necessary Sacraments and get sacramentals blessed by True Catholic clergy (i.e., those with canonical mission/jurisdiction), this December in Italy, please contact the Papal Restoration Staff by clicking here - to reserve your place! 


*Note: Many popes have been forced into exile throughout the history of the Church. Ven. Pius IX fled Rome in disguise and found refuge in Gaeta, Italy (see details below), St. Pius X contemplated exile to Austria, Pius XII feared being taken captive (being exiled) during WWII, Gregory XVII was exiled - as is his successor today. -ED


“The Supreme Roman Pontiff has found himself in a position where he must

abandon the capital of his domain in order to not compromise his own dignity."

(Pope Pius IX to King Ferdinand ll, on his forced exile from Rome, Nov. 25, 1848)


Catholic medal issued by the command of the Bourbon army, commemorating the exile of Pius IX to Gaeta, Italy.

(Front) Busts of Pope Pius IX and King Ferdinand II. (Back) Vew of the Castle of Gaeta on November 26, 1848 A.D.


The riots during the Roman Republic were particularly grave, to the extent that they resulted in the killing of the Prime Minister of the Papal States. Following the riots, on November 24, 1848, Pope Pius IX was forced to flee clandestinely from Rome, taking refuge in Gaeta. That very night, disguised as a simple priest, the Pope succeeded in escaping from the Quirnale. In an enclosed carriage along with his secret assistant, he escaped capture and traveled to the countryside, despite all obstacles including a cannon ready to fire at the main gate of the Papal Palace. Finally he arrived at the church of Saints Peter and Marcellinus in Via Labicana. Here the Holy Pontiff found the Bavarian Ambassador Count Karl von Spaur waiting with his wife and son, who together feigned going on a sightseeing tour in the Kingdom of Naples accompanied by their new “docent.”
The Pope hopped into the Ambassador’s carriage on the evening of November 25th and arrived undisturbed in Gaeta where he wrote these words to Ferdinando II di Borbone: “The Supreme Roman Pontiff has found himself in a position where he must abandon the capital of his domain in order to not compromise his own dignity. He is now in Gaeta, yet only for a brief time, wherein it is by no means intended to compromise in any way your Majesty nor the tranquility of your people.” Moved by these words, Ferdinand II left Naples with his family and headed to Gaeta, and invited the Pope to move into his Villa in Portici, where Pope Pius IX remained until April 4, 1850.


 The Church: "has ... the right to conceal herself in the catacombs"


"Now the Christian concept of the Church and of Divine Providence tells us that God 'who loves nothing dearer than the freedom of his Church' (St. Bernard), thus shaped events that the freedom of the Head of the Church should be made secure by his Temporal Power". 

' ... the Temporal Power of the Pope is at the present time not only useful but necessary for the liberty of the Church.' Necessary, because the Church has not only a right to live, but also the right to live free and unmolested. Necessary, because she has not merely the right to conceal herself in the catacombs, under the surveillance of a Questor, by the grace of the State, but she has the right to show her everlastingly youthful, beautiful and venerable countenance to all people! Because she has not merely the right to pass by the palaces of the mighty in the ragged garb of a poor servant maid, a beggar imploring a place of shelter, but she has the right to pass majestically through human society, a royal personage with power to command and a gracious blessing for all, a queen adorned with that royal crown which the eternal King placed on her brow when he purchased her, on the Cross, at the price of His Precious Blood!" (Rev. Mgr. Joseph Sehroeder, D.D A.C. Quarterly Review, Vol XVII, PHILADELPHIA: HARDY & MAHONY, 1892 A.D.) 


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Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

The Papal Restoration Staff

 Ecclesiastical Approbation

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Sep. 6, 2017


European True Catholics, please contact The PRC for upcoming opportunities to receive VALID Sacraments this Spring - at info@stgemma.


Midnight Christmas Mass is under way in Italy... (“Outside of the Catholic Church the true sacrifice cannot be found.” -St. Augustine, Father of the Church)


Update on happenings in Italy: everything is proceeding nicely. All who are present so far, have received all necessary Sacraments... others are in route from parts of Europe.


Many thanks to the flock in Italy for there generous support this Advent, for our True Catholic clergy.

Nicolas 13.12.2017 03:00

Where in Italy is this Christmas Mass being said? How do I get proper information for travel?

Editor of TCW 06.09.2017 14:51

Additional content was added to this post which provides info on understanding better, the concept of "exile". Pope Pius IX's own words on the matter have been included, and are of great importance.