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 The Raccolta, 1903, Imprimatur 



Kneeling at thy holy feet, O gracious queen of 
heaven ! we offer thee our deepest reverence. We 
confess that thou art the daughter of the eternal 
Father, the mother of the divine Word, and the 
spouse of the Holy Ghost. Full of grace, of virtue, 
and of heavenly gifts, thou art the chaste temple of 
the holy Trinity. With thee are treasured God's 
mercies, and thou, too, dost dispense them. And 
since thy loving heart is filled with charity, sweet- 
ness, and tender compassion for us poor sinners, we 
call thee mother of holy pity. With the greatest 
trust, then, do I come to thee in my sorrow and 
distress. I beg that thou wouldst make me confide 
in thy love, by granting me . . . if it be God's will, 
and for the welfare of my soul. Cast, then, thine 
eyes of pity upon me and upon all my kindred. 
That I may not perish, shield me from the attacks of 
the world, the flesh, and the devil, who continually 
assail me. Remember, O fondest of mothers ! that 
we are thy children, purchased with the precious 
blood of thy divine Son. Pray, without ceasing, 
that the adorable Trinity may give us the grace ever 
to be victorious over the devil, the world and our 
unhallowed passions: that grace by which the just 
grow in holiness, sinners are converted, and heresy 
destroyed; by which the unbeliever is enlightened, 
and the Jews brought to the true religion. Bestow 
upon us this boon, O most pure Virgin ! through the 
infinite bounty of the Most High, through the merits 
of thy Son, by the care with which thou didst nourish 
him, by the devotion with which thou didst serve 
him, by the love with which thou didst cherish him, 
by thy tears and anguish endured in his passion. 
Obtain for us the great favor that the whole world 
may be made one people and one church, which shall 
give thanks, praise, and glory to the most holy Trinity, 
and to thee who art its mediator.

May the power of the Father, the wisdom of the 

Son, and the virtue of the Holy Ghost, grant us this 
blessing. Amen.

His Holiness, Pope Pius IX., by a decree of the S. Congr. of 

Indulgences, March 26, 1860, confirmed and, as far as necessary, 
granted, anew, to all the faithful who, with at least contrite 
heart and devotion, shall say this prayer:


An indulgence of one hundred days, once a day.


A plenary INDULGENCE, once a month, to all who, having 

said it every day for a month, on any day, being truly penitent, 
after confession and communion, shall visit a church or public 
oratory, and pray there devoutly, for some time, for the inten- 
tion of his Holiness.

May. 23, 2015