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Church Doctor, St. Isidore of Seville (d. 636), presided over the Fourth Toledo Council
The fervent defender of the Faith has been despised by Jews for more than 1000 years

The centuries old world-wide organized Jewish Conspiracy to overthrow the Catholic Church and Her civilization, is not an "anti-semitic" slur or a "conspiracy theory", but an immutable truth officially declared as part of the deposit of Faith. A defined fact that every member of the Catholic Church Militant must firmly hold, under pain of anathema.

*Canon 8, Toledo Council XVII: “We have recently and undoubtedly discovered from clear confessions that those Hebrews from the regions beyond the sea call on the other Hebrews to act together against Christianity … among their other crimes [the Jews] had not only chosen to throw the order of the Church into confusion but also attempted to ruin the fatherland and the whole people in tyrannical conspiracy in such a way that they already celebrating their own era and committing various massacres of Christians.”


*Canon 8 of the Seventeenth Toledo Council held in Spain at the height of the Jewish influence in that nation, is but one of a series of Laws against the Jews and for the protection of the Church enacted by the many Toledo Councils. The Canons of the Toledo Council were declared to be eternally binding and constant. Meaning that this Canon, exposing International Jewry's plotting/goal of world *domination,  can never be changed or repealed or declared inoperative or as having no application to our times. Secondly, present at the Toledo Councils was a Legate of the Supreme Pontiff to offer advice and give acquiescence to the laws adopted. Thus the Canons of the Toledo Council against Jewry and against those in the Church giving aid, comfort and protection to Jewry in its warring against the Church and Faith are the eternally-binding Judgments of the Holy See.


*To rule the world. To eradicate and/or enslave the non-Jew.


Although there have been periods of strong defense waged against "The Enemy of the Cross", tragically, the grave warnings sounded by the Pontiffs and Holy Councils have gone unheeded. The perfidious Jews, and their Freemasonry, have overthrown "throne and altar" resulting in these catastrophic times. 

St. Michael the Archangel Defend Us!

May. 10, 2015

PRC Staff Member 28.06.2020 12:41

The Toledan decrees were incorporated into the great 11th and 12th century collections of canon law by Burchard of Worms and St. Ivo of Chartres.

Papal Restoration Staff Member 03.10.2018 21:15

Jewish "Senator" Diane Feinstein condemned by Pope Eugenius IV: "We decree and order that from now on, and for all time.. Christians shall NOT allow Jews to hold civil honors over Christians, or to exercise public offices in the State ." -Pope Eugenius IV

Papal Restoration staff Member 21.08.2016 00:17

“…carnal Israel in the hardness of its heart and the depravity of its mind did not recognise the reality of its life” (Confessio, Toledo VI).

Noah 10.05.2015 18:19

Canon 8 is like a prophecy. WWI, WWII, Soviet Communism all huge "massacres of Christians". 1958 overthrow of True Pope "throws order of Church into confusion".