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Godfreid di Buglione was the leader during the

First Holy Crusade.  He led his army through northern Italy to recruit soldiers.  The soldiers from the Ligure province, specifically from the Vara Superiore region, fought with lances, not swords.  They were called Lanciada, for lance carriers.

These soldiers fought in Syria.  The best were raised to the stature of the nobilityThese few took the name “Siri” from Syria.

They received the family crest from their leader, Buglione.  It says, in Latin, “Non Nobis Domine.”  This means, “Lord, not for us (this honour), but for Thee.”

When Giuseppe Siri was raised to the Episcopacy, he chose his family crest, along with its inscription, for his own.

This fact that Giuseppe Siri comes from royal blood coincides with Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy dated January 27, 1822:

“I saw a new Pope who will be very strict.  He will *estrange from him the cold and lukewarm bishops.  He is not a Roman, but he is Italian.  He comes from a place which is not very far from Rome, and I think he comes from a devout family of royal blood.  But there must still be for a while much fighting and unrest.” ("Catholic Prophecy", by Yves Dupont, p. 70, Para. 53.28) 

*September 1958, just before the Conclave

(The Occult Plot is Finalized)

Excerpt from L’Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997:


“The Church is in our hands.”

 In 1977, Franco Bellegrandi, ex-Chamberlain of the Cape and the Sword of His Holiness and contributor to L’Osservatore Romano, wrote a book titled, NikitaRoncalli, which was published in 1994, accompanied by quite a commotion in the national press at its release because, among the persons present was Cardinal Silvio Oddi.

Cardinal Siri in 1958 before the Conclave: 
He was Pius XII's hand-picked successor

In this book, he told what he had seen and heard at the Vatican. It was in September 1958, just before the Conclave, the author was privy to some confidential information:
"I was in a car with a person whom I knew to be a highly placed Mason who was in contact with the Vatican. He said to me: The next Pope will not be Siri, as the gossip has it in certain Roman circles, because he is too authoritarian a cardinal. A conciliating Pope will be elected. He has ALREADY been chosen, and is the Patriarch of Venice, Roncalli,” To this I replied: “Are there Masons in the Conclave?”“Certainly,” he said. “The Church is in our hands.” After a brief silence, my interlocutor said, “No one can say where the leader can be found. The leader is hidden.”

The following day, Count Stella (of a well known Italian family---ED) wrote in an official document, which today is in a notary’s safety deposit box, the first and last name of this person as well as his stupefying declaration, complete with the month, year, day, and time of day.” ("Nichitaroncalli" [NikitaRoncalli], Ediziones Eiles, Rome, p. 62)

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

The Papal Restoration Staff

Oct. 12, 2014

Leah, nee Hildegarde 12.10.2014 22:55

Lord, make an end of this present situation already. I can't stand it anymore.


Ven. Holzhauser's prophecies talk about the status consolationis (state of consolation) for the Church, which is coming up. We are in the state of tribulation (status afflictionis) and must pray to persevere. See: