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As mentioned last monthTCW had visited the United States National Archives in D.C., and was able to obtain more than 200 (many multi-paged) declassified documents concerning the Vatican and the U.S. Government (and other countries) dealings. 

The following is an example of one of these important documents:

CLICK TO VIEW SECRET DISPATCH. It was sent by the U.S. Ambassador to Italy (James Zellerbach, stationed in Rome) to U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles at the Department of State in Washington D.C. The document is an incoming classified telegram sent [10/11/58] 15 days BEFORE the assembly of the (October 26th) 1958 Conclave.

Zellerbach, is passing along information obtained from a "Vatican Source" (likely the traitor *Cardinal Tisserant) about an active plot designed to control the outcome of the upcoming October 26, 1958 Conclave. The 5th column informant indicates to U.S. Intelligence that he and others in his cabal do not want certain Cardinals like "Siri" to be elected pope. There is a clear request that Zellerbach convey the urgent message to (masonic) Washington D.C. leadership, to put pressure (likely blackmail) on the American Cardinals to block a "Siri" (or other anti-masonic papales) papacy.

*Note: Cardinal Tisserant (an occult Freemason) and Dean of the 1958 Conclave, told a priest teaching canon law that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was "willed and planned for by forces alien to the Holy Spirit." (“Vita” 18 September, 1977, p.4: “Le profezie sui papi nell’elenco di San Malachia”)-[“Prophecies on the popes by Saint Malachy”].

The American Government (and of course, Moscow) did all they could to illegally affect the "outcome" of the 1958 Conclave which (conclave) did indeed elect Pius XII's hand-picked successor Cardinal Siri on the 4th ballot of the first day, who chose the name Gregory XVII.

Pope Gregory XVII, although abandoned by his own and a hostage under stealthy captivity, still carefully tried to get his message out. He gave a clear reference to what happened at the 1958 Conclave when he wrote in 1972 how the "superpowers" [Judeo-Masonry] "could" overturn a LAWFUL Conclave:

"The segregation of the conclave is yet more necessary; with modern means, with modern technology, without an absolute segregation it would not be possible to save an election from the pressure of external powers. Today the superpowers (and the lesser ones alike) have too great an interest in having on their side, through condescendence or weakness, the highest moral authority in the world. And they would do all that they are so very good at doing. The pressures to overturn the substance of the law of the conclave could be driven by the will to obtain precisely this result." (Excerpt from: The Election of the Roman Pontiff (L'Elezione del Romano Pontefice), by Joseph Cardinal Siri (Pope Gregory XVII), originally published in RENOVATIO VII, 1972, inst. 2, pp. 155-156, From “Il Dovere Dell’Ortodossia”)

Additional Notes: it has been said that the American Cardinal Spellman of New York, was "compromised" (as a result of skeletons in his closet). His name, and his correspondences can be seen throughout many of the documents that were obtained by TCW. Further, when searching through these declassified documents at the National Archives, the fully anti-Catholic policy of the masonic U.S. Government is crystal clear. Most Americans don't know that the (true) Vatican and the United States have NEVER had formal diplomatic *relations.

*TCW's also obtained U.S. Department of State declassified secret documents which repeatedly report Pope Pius XII was virtually convinced the United States government intended to use an atomic weapon against the Vatican. It was reported he (Pius XII) literally had recurring nightmares of such a scenario, and cited that Pius XII believed a key reason the US Government did (1.) not have an ambassador physically at the Vatican  - and no formal diplomatic relations, was that indeed the (masonic) US Government was planning an atomic attack on the Vatican State itself.

(1.) Between 1951 and 1958, the United States had no official representative (whatsoever) accredited to the Holy See.

A member of the Hierarchy (currently in exile) informed us that *Montini (the future antipope Paul VI) was in direct contact with Communist Moscow at the time of the October 26, 1958 conclave. And the real threat that Gregory XVII received if he publicly proclaimed his pontificacy (that "bishops would be immediately killed behind the Iron Curtain.") was to be carried out via Montini ... that is, Montini would immediately notify his comrades in the Soviet Union (with their KGB) to move forward with the slaughter of innocent Roman Catholic bishops.

*See: "De-Classified Secret WWII Document Exposes Montini Was Communist Infiltrator" (click here to view) -ED

"...the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes..." -Benjamin "The Marrano Jew" Disraeli to the British House of Commons, 1852

Currently the Jews (with their crimes/pollution/finances) rule the world. The Holy Church with Her True Papacy is in eclipse (exile). Make sure you don't get duped by a schismatic "Latin mass" sspx or sedevacantist sect ... and secure a properly blessed beeswax candle for the upcoming 3 Days of Darkness chastisement- which will serve as one large just "Inquisition Execution" of the enemies of order i.e. the enemies of the Pope and his Catholic world.

"For as surely as the Son of God reigns on high, and will reign 'until He has put all His enemies under

His feet,' so surely every one that lifts a heel or directs a weapon against His faith, His Church, or

His Vicar upon earth, will share the judgment which is laid up for the Antichrist whom he serves."

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The Supreme Crisis: "Yet many Christians will remember that this was all foretold of Antichrist for centuries past and perceive the fraud of Satan and refuse to be deceived. They will stand firm and enlighten the faint-hearted and console them." -Venerable Bernard de Bustis

"And I say to thee, 'Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give thee the keys to the kingdom of heaven.'"

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

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