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The erudite Fr. Felix Salvany, in his classic book "Liberalism is a Sin", outlined the body (group) of Antichrist's main arms of attack, in its unceasing war waged against the Body (group) of Christ - which are:



1. Corruption of morals. Via the theater (movies, television), literature (books, magazines).

2. Journalism. The influence exercised by the liberal press.

3. General ignorance in matters of religion.

4. Secular education.


Note: Fr. Salvany says secular education is the most effective weapon [crushing of the innocent before they can walk] used by our foes. In this post TCW is highlighting the following stratagem utilized by the Enemies of the Cross, against Catholic Order. ... Fr. Salvany's writes:


3. General ignorance in matters of religion. In weaving its meshes around the people, Liberalism has applied itself to the task of cutting them off from all communication with that alone which is able to lay bare its imposture - the Church. For the past hundred years Liberalism has striven to paralyze the action of the Church, to render her mute ... . The Liberals themselves have avowed this to be their aim. To destroy the religious life, to place every hindrance possible in the way of Catholic teaching, to ridicule the clergy and to deprive them of their prestige. ... 


Freemasonry in Europe and South America are constantly seeking to bind her hand and foot that she may be put at its satanic mercy. By open and secret means this organization has sought to undermine her discipline in every country where it has obtained a footing. Between her and the people it seeks to dig a deeper and deeper abyss of hate, prejudice, and calumny. Naturalism, the denial of the supernatural, it inculcates everywhere. To divorce the entire life of the people from her influence by the institution of civil marriage, civil burial, and divorce; to teach the insidious doctrine that society, as such, has no religious relations or obligations; that man as a social and civil being is absolutely independent of God and His Church, that religion is a mere private opinion to be entertained or not entertained as one pleases, such is the program, such is the effect, and such in turn is the cause of Liberalism."


(From the book, "What is Liberalism?" (Also known under the title "Liberalism is a Sin") pp. 139-140, Englished And Adapted From The Spanish Of Dr. Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany, By Conde B. Fallen, Ph.D., LL.D, 1899, Imprimatur)

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

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May. 31, 2013

EDITOR OF TCW 01.02.2019 15:45

CNN posted a pile of trash article today with an image of holy Christopher Columbus & a Catholic friar bringing The Faith to the new world titled: "European Colonizers Killed So Many Native Americans That It Changed The Global Climate, Researcher Say".