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The long-time Traditionalist, and publisher of the Catholic journal "The Spark", Mr. Christopher Shannon (who was promoting the dire need of retaking the Throne of St. Peter in the late 1970's) was at The Society of St. Pius X's headquarters in Econe-Sion, Switzerland in the Spring of 1972, as a bona fide hopeful for the priesthood. Mr. Shannon from upon almost his immediate arrival at Marcel Lefebvre's headquarters (launch-pad) at Econe - would become a stunned witness to the following very disturbing occurrences, which prompted his own decision to depart (after taking notes):

 "They all said it's the Sion Masonic band. Lefebvre is a Mason, it's OK."


"Personal Witness, me. Rogation Days (a penitential observance -ED), Mon, Tues, Wed of 5th week after Easter, Year 1972, Econe-Sion, Switzerland. The two towns are only a few blocks apart. Procession through Econe-Sion from his seminary. Masonic band formed in front, led whole procession. Very disturbing! I was in procession, most uncomfortable. Never heard of such a thing. Later, back in US on TV saw other European processions led by bands. Why? Why a band? Playing band music. Why? Processions are led by the Crucifix, NOT a 15 piece band! . . . anyway, I asked people in the procession what is going on here? They all said it's the Sion Masonic band. Lefebvre is a Mason, it's OK. Since I hadn't yet really dug into the Masonic issue, Jewish issue, Conspiracy issue - This certainly got me started!

I was in Econe-Sion, 2 months, by this time very nervous about what to do if they accepted me. I went there uncomfortable to begin with, something strange about Lefebvre, Econe, his Roman connections.

Anyway I figured if they took me in permanently, I'd finish the course if I could (I didn't like the Masonic thing). Finish, be ordained, cool it a few years, being a nice guy for them, then bolt the Society. My goal was ordination whatever the cost, as long as it didn't cost me my soul.

Then two things came together. I was getting more nervous about Masonry and Econe being right in the middle of it -- Sion, Switzerland, I learned while there, was a major European Center of Freemasonry . . . How did I discover all this? Again, people there told me! No mystery or digging required. Strange.

He (Lefebvre) was ordained  by a known Masonic Cardinal Achille Liénart of whom I heard when I was in Fatima, but that is another story. I met Liénart in Fatima 2 years before, where he met with others among whom I also happened to be seeking a finish to my seminary career. Coincidence, but an instructive one.

Already I was seeking a higher path. The religious orders I was in and out of, about 6 of them were closer to the contemplative style I thought I was seeking & this kind of pursuit is OK in Canon Law, upward, upward, is why I was allowed to leave one and join another.

I suppose you would rather read something exposing the Masonic origins of SSPX.

My answer to this is it has to be written yet and I don't know who will -- books at this point are not my style. Maybe someone has. I doubt it. Others have already exposed the Society in bits and pieces. No books I am aware of.

And this. Follow the money trail. I suspect the bulk of the funds are from Rome. Lefebvre made frequent trips to Rome while I was with him (I sat next to him at the dinner table). All of these were cordial, not combative, or argumentative, as most would believe. He was simply arranging strategies under the leadership of his Roman bosses. How do I know this, too? He told me.

The man's a devil, benign saintly smile. The sugar, the poison, was instilled in the process and grows, and grows, until the harvest."


(Christopher Sparks, January 29th, 1997)



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"In this lamentable state of the church, divine and human laws are without force, and made of light account; the doctrines and precepts of the church are despised; ecclesiastical discipline is not better observed by the priests, than political order is maintained by the people. Every one, like the beasts of the field, believes what he pleases, and doth what he wills. (Prophecy of Ven. Holzhauser 17th c.)



Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

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Apr. 23, 2013

Ad Iesum per Mariam 06.01.2017 05:53

After reading the info here, how, indeed, can anyone in good faith participate in liturgy celebrated by Lefebvrists?

Hugues de Payns 04.12.2019 10:07

lefebvrists do not celebrate liturgy.

Miguel Costa 20.11.2016 03:50

Thank you

Garry 17.01.2014 13:41

Thank you Thank you!

I am now convinced and will no longer be a part of the SSPX due to the overwhelming evidence you have provided.

May God bless you.