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(Click image to enlarge)  Montini shown wearing the Jewish Ephod:

The twelve stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Not only is this the breast-plate of a Jewish High-Priest, but according to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by Mackey, the ephod is also "worn in the (Masonic) American Chapters of the Royal Arch, by the High-Priest as an official part of his official ornaments." The ephod was the vestment that was worn by Caiphas, the High-Priest of the Jewish religion, who ordered Our Lord Jesus Christ to be put to death by Crucifixion.


The Freemasons in usurped Rome, are going to be adding to their beastly sacrileges today (October 19th), as they blasphemously will pronounce they have "Beatified" the Kabbalistic Masonic infiltrator, Giovanni Battista Montini (A.K.A. Antipope Paul 6).


The Veritas Staff wrote many excellent pieces exposing the "Marrano Enemy" Montini for years. Here is an extract of their powerful prose from their work, *"Death Blows to Vatican Council II" published in 1979.  Note: They refer to the infiltrator as, "Paul 6", yet 100% know he is a false pope (i.e., an Antipope). -ED 


*Paul 6, the immediate successor of (Antipope) John 23, also stood by the illegal V-2 Council even in the time of death.  Anticipating his own death as early as 1963 at age 66, in the year of his election, Paul 6 wrote his last will and testament and added to it in 1972 and again in 1973. Seeming to be very much aware that he was not a true Representative of Christ, he requested that he neither have a funeral like true Pontiffs nor have a similar burial.


In his typical caustic sniping at genuine Catholic practices and holy tradition he stated: "As regards my funeral: let it be simple and animated by religious piety.  I do not wish to have the catafalque, as is the custom for the funeral of Popes; instead let things be carried out in a humble and becoming manner."  As to his tomb - he wanted none.  "No monument for me."  V-2 was to be his monument, the epitome of impiety.


In his last will and testament, Paul 6 wrote of his main wish - the implementation of the heretical V-2 Council.  " ... Let its prescriptions be put into effect."  As to ecumenism he stated: "the approach to the separated Brethren must go on ..."  He added with his usual Modernist deceit, "but without deflecting from true Catholic doctrine."  The false ideas held by Paul 6 regarding "true Catholic doctrine" were far from the divine truths given to the Catholic Church in the Two Founts of Supernatural Revelation.


In his final testament Paul 6 turned aside from the Church's warnings against the world, the flesh and the devil.  All true Pontiffs have pictured the world as the city of Satan very much opposed to the City of God.  They counsel the faithful to serve God, not the world.  But Paul 6 said "one must study the world, love it and serve it" (taken from The Testament of Paul VI," L'OR [L'Osservatore Romano], August 24, 1978, pages 1, 2).


Sensing his days were numbered - as indicated by his frequent reference to dying - Paul 6 was in a hurry to get on with entrenching the V-2 Council more deeply.  The last months of the life of Paul 6 saw an intensified program by him in implementing V-2 which included his malicious dedication to making the Vatican the special and cordial meeting place and haven for Jews, Masons, Communists, all avowed enemies of the One True Faith and One True Church.


Paul 6 called for closer and closer ties between Catholics and Jewry.  Newspaper photographs and headlines repeatedly recorded his flaunting Papal decrees and Church Laws against fraternizing and actively supporting the enemies of the Cross and Christian Order.  In private audiences he told Jews and Moslems, rejecters of Christ, that they worship the same God as Catholics.  When he wasn't entertaining the enemy at the Vatican he sent representatives to address the Godless UNO to stress "peace," meaning the Church would not oppose Her enemy, continually reassuring this pledge which he had made publicly before the UNO in October 1965.


This "man of sin," Paul 6, invaded the heart and soul of the Catholic family in urging a more liberal interpretation of the marriage laws, so as to destruct more and more Catholic marriages.


His General Audiences were constant calls to "follow the [V-2] Council."


This is but a brief list of the many monstrous crimes of Paul 6 against Christ's Church and the Faith during his last days.  Right up to the day of his death Paul 6 had busied himself laboring for the further advancement of the illegal V-2 Council.


Without regret or remorse Paul 6 departed this life leaving worldwide spiritual chaos in his wake: millions of souls languishing for the divine Mass and Sacraments that Paul 6 suppressed and supplanted with his own form of V-2 worship and liturgy to man and the lord of this world.  So great is the devastation by V-2 that the See of Peter and the episcopal Sees everywhere have been emptied.  The Brides of Christ are bewildered, confused, scattered and gone, cut down like grain before the scythe.  The priests of Christ turn away from Him, unwilling to understand what has happened at the hands of the "man of perdition."


Such was this ephod-wearing man, Paul 6, bearer of "the Broken Cross," whose career and last testament opposed the Eternal Testament of Christ.  Arrogant and hardened to the very end, unheedful of the judgment of God's Wrath, imposed by Execrabilis and other eternally-binding judgments of His Church, Paul 6 came face to face with the Eternal Judge.  With millions of souls and the Angels and Saints witnessing against him, Paul 6 dared to meet God, He Who says "Vengeance is Mine, and I will repay " (Rom. 12:19).  What a dreadful state to be in, standing before the Judgment Throne of Heaven.

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The following news article from Jan 30, 1968 tells of just one of the many meetings between Antipope Paul 6 and leaders of the Judeo-Masonic B'nai B'rith. It relates among other things, that the Marrano Jew Montini (A.K.A. Antipope Paul 6) accepted gifts from his fellow deicides at their cabal, which included a "silver Kaballistic box." The article appeared in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.



Pope Tells B’nai B’rith Leaders He Will Oppose Any Persecution of Jews

January 30, 1968


ROME (Jan. 29)


Pope Paul VI assured two Jewish leaders here yesterday that wherever and whenever persecution of the Jews occurred, he would speak out against it. He said that his greatest desire was to rectify the wrongs of the past.


The leader of the Roman Catholic Church held audience with Dr. William Wexler, president of B’nai B’rith, and Herman Edelsburg, director of its international council, who are touring European capitals. The Jewish leaders exchanged gifts with Pope Paul. They presented him with an 18 century amulet and a silver Kaballistic box. The Pope gave his visitors a gold medal and a newly-published book on St. Peter.


Dr. Wexler gave the Jewish Telegraphic Agency a report on the Papal audience. He said that he and Mr. Edelsburg had informed the Pope that “steady progress is being made in implementing the Vatican Council’s 1965 declaration on the Jews although certain diocese in certain countries lagged behind others in updating the catechisms and textbook references to the Jews. Their information was based on reports received by the B’nai B’rith from 46 countries. They referred specifically to Spain where Jews and Protestant minorities are concerned with a law that require them to submit financial reports to the authorities and the names of all congregants before they can enjoy the benefits of the new law on religious freedom in Spain.


In the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Australia, Dr. Wexler told the Pope, the doors of better interfaith relations have “opened wide than ever” since the Vatican Council. Dr. Wexler said the Pope stressed the need for patience in striving for real implementation of the Council’s declarations not only on the parish level but among the higher clergy.


Dr. Wexler and Mr. Edelsburg left for Vienna where they are scheduled to meet Bundeskanzler Klaus on various questions including the fight against anti-Semitism and restitution for Austrian victims of Nazism.

"The present situation in the Church is one of the most grave in its history, for this time the challenge does NOT come from outer persecution, but from INNER persecution. This is very grave. But the gates of Hell will not prevail."
-His Holiness, Pope Gregory XVII (Whom the world mistakenly thought was Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy.) Note: Bp. Vincent Ferrer Gasser in 1870 wrote: "...the words of Christ, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Mt. 16:16), are not bounded by time but will have authority until the end of the world, so the foundation of the Church on Peter and his successors ought always remain unshaken against the proud gates of those who belong to the nether world, that is against heresies and the builders of heresy, as St. Epiphianius says."


The Raccolta, 1903, Imprimatuer 





I, N. N., give and consecrate to the Sacred Heart
of Jesus Christ my person and my life, all my actions,
pains and sufferings, resolved of not using any por-
tion of my own self but for his honor, love and glory.


My irrevocable determination is to be entirely his,
and to do everything for his love, renouncing with
all my heart any act that may displease him.


I do choose you, O most Sacred Heart, for the
only object of my love, the protector of my life, the
security of my salvation, the safeguard against my
frailty and fickleness, the reparation for my delin-
quencies in life, and my most secure refuge in the
hour of death.


Be yourself, O bountiful Heart, my justification
before your Divine Father, and defend me from the
dread of his just wrath. O most loving Heart, I
place all my trust in you, for I am afraid of my own
malice and weakness, but all my hope rests with your


Destroy, then, in me whatever may displease you
or resist you; would that the pure love of you be so
deeply imprinted in my heart that I could never
forsake you or be separated from you.


I beseech you, by all your mercies towards me,
that my name may be written in you ; since I crave but
one thing, that all my happiness and glory may be to
live and to die as your most humble servant. Amen.


His Holiness, Leo XIII, by a rescript of the S. Congr. of
Indulgences, January 13, 1898, granted to all the faithful who
shall recite the above consecration


An indulgence of three hundred days, once a day.



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INDIFFERENTISM, so prevalent today, is condemned with the sword of anathema in Pius' Syllabus. Let us never forget his command: "You must fight energetically, since you know very well what great wounds the undefiled Spouse of Christ Jesus has suffered, and how vigorous is the destructive attack of Her enemies."

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