Earn $ Online During China Virus Lockdowns

Get Paid for Your Opinion: Take Online Surveys for $

Note: We researched the company Branded Surveys. They are legitimate. -TCW

Got Cabin Fever from Covid-19 Lockdowns?

Earn money for your opinion with Branded *Surveys. Rack up your points to redeem them for cash or prizes.

Here's how you can earn:



*These surveys can be about anything, from your day-to-day habits to what you think the best restaurants are or news shows you watch. For every survey you answer, you'll be given points which can, in turn, be exchanged for rewards. Once you earn at least 500 points, you can exchange them for cash. The cash is then deposited directly into your bank account, or into your Paypal account. 

The answers you give on Branded Surveys are then used by some of the biggest brands to inform their decision making, whether that's which products to release next, or which demographic they should be targeting.

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