Rare 17th c. Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the B.V.M. (Daily Posted in 2021)

Jan 20 Our Lady of Tables in Montpellier (France)

(Jan) 20. Our Lady of Tables, in Montpellier; an ancient and very famous church. In the arms of the city the Virgin is seen holding her divine son in her arms. (Trip. Cour., nomb. 38.)


Image (click it to enlarge): A postcard of the well-known statue of the Patron Saint of  Montpellier, by André Franzoni (1861), inspired by the *"Magestat Antiqua"


In 1096, Guilhem V consecrated Montpellier to the Virgin Mary; his successor, Guilhem VI, on his return from the Crusade in 1129, endowed the city's famous Marian church, with a *statue of the Madonna that he brought back from the Holy Land - that the faithful venerate as miraculous under the name of "Magestat Antiqua".


The primitive church of Our Lady of the Tables was located in the present-day Jean-Jaurès Square. The church of St. Mary, which stood from 1090 to 1794, became in 1204 St. Mary of the Tables, then Our Lady of Tables. 


Following the vicious Reign of Terror, only a few remains of the crypt and the burial vaults would be evident from the original ediface. After public Catholic worship resumed in France, an ornate Jesuit College chapel in Montpellier (in 1804), took the name of the early church of Our Lady of Tables. This church was erected into a minor basilica by Pope Pius XII in 1939 and houses the statue (pictured above) of Montpellier's patroness, within it.


The miracles of Notre-Dame-des-Tables were well known throughout medieval Christendom. In the early thirteenth century the Cistercian chronicler, Caesarius of Heisterbach wrote, “There is at Montpellier a church dedicated to Saint Mary where the cures are so numerous and so brilliant and to which, the doctors, in spite of the resources of their famous school send their patients”.


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Source: "Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin, With the Foundations and Churches Dedicated to Her", from Abbé Orsini's work, "Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God", Imprimatur 1858 A.D.

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The miracles of Notre-Dame-des-Tables were well known throughout medieval Christendom.

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