Rare 17th c. Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the B.V.M. (Daily Posted in 2021)

Jan 19 Our Lady of Gimont near Toulouse (France)

(Jan) 19. Our Lady of Gimont, near Toulouse. This Cistercian church is celebrated in that part of the country for its miracles. (Trip. Cour., nomb. 34.)


Image (click it to enlarge): Remains of the once flourishing Cistercian Church/Abbey of *Planselve [a medieval pilgrimage site of Our Lady, built in 1142] after being sacked by the masonic French Revolution. 


*A daughter house of the abbey of Berdoues, the Abbey of Planselve was founded on the left bank of the Gimone River, in a place called Plana Silva. The monastery very quickly became prosperous, to such an extent, that Planselve itself would found two Cistercian communities [one in Béarn, the other in Aragon].


As a result of the Reign of Terror unleashed in 1789, the monks were expelled, the buildings sold as "national property" and the church gradually demolished.


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Source: "Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin, With the Foundations and Churches Dedicated to Her", from Abbé Orsini's work, "Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God", Imprimatur 1858 A.D.

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Jan 19th: Our Lady of Gimont, near Toulouse. This Cistercian church is celebrated in that part of the country for its miracles.

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