Rare 17th c. Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the B.V.M. (Daily Posted in 2021)

Jan 14 Our Lady of Speech Near Montserrat (Spain)

(Jan) 14. Our Lady of Speech, near Montserrat, in Spain, so called because she is said to have restored his speech to a dumb man, A.D. 1514. (Balinghem in Calend.)


Image (click it to enlarge)Painting of "The Miracles of San Bernardino: The Healing of a Mute" by Pietro Perugino, 1473 A.D.


In the year 1514, Our Lady was venerated at a shrine near Montserrat, Spain. Her aid was invoked on behalf of a dumb man who went on pilgrimage there, and the Blessed Virgin miraculously restored his speech. From that time on she was given the title Our Lady of Speech.




Source: "Historical Calendar of the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin, With the Foundations and Churches Dedicated to Her", from Abbé Orsini's work, "Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God", Imprimatur 1858 A.D.

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Yes, True Catholics should move to Britanny (where the world-wide 3 Days of Darkness punishment will be the least experienced/felt) if it, on a WELL thought out/planned PRACTICAL level, is feasible.

Today | 20:35

Jan 16th: Our Lady of Montserrat, in Spain, on this day, miraculously delivered several captives from the tyranny of the Turks.

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Can we lay people be there?

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Some 6,500 Honduran immigrants in caravans are traveling north to US carrying their Honduran flag(s).

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