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How To Make The Sign Of The Cross (Diagram)

Read the Thrilling "Outlaws of Ravenhurst" Catholic Classic!

The highly esteemed Catholic book also received accolades worldwide - winning a Pulitzer Prize.

(Summary by Mary B.): "Outlaws of Ravenhurst is one of my favorite books. It is action packed and inspiring! Written by Sister M. Imelda Wallace S.L. (in 1923), this exciting story tells about a “farmer's son” returning to his true home in Scotland.

The Gordon walks into a new culture where he must choose between a royal seat beside the King of Scotland or a royal seat beside the King of Heaven. 

The Gordon shows bravery as he faces daily hardships. He shows loyalty to his family and clan. 

The Gordon meets many difficult problems in his life but his virtues and deep faith help overcome them all." 

CLICK HERE to Read the "Outlaws of Ravenhurst" by Sister M. Imelda Wallace, of the Sisters of Loretto.

What is a Castle? Medieval History for Children (Video)
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Read: Lives Of The Saints For Children (Imp. 1900)

CLICK HERE to Read: Lives Of The Saints For Children, by Theodor Berthold.

"As the son of noble parents, Aloysius (Gonzaga) had at his command the choicest food and drink and the costliest clothing. But he found no pleasure in these things. His delight was in communion with God. When he was only five years old he was sometimes found on his knees in a corner saying his prayers. To this custom of devout and persistent prayer, Aloysius remained faithful to his death... ." (Excerpt from the Life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, pp. 54-55)

Note: the book, which has an imprimatur, contains a part (pp. 149-155) on "The Holy Anna Catharina Emmerich" too.

Caracal Acrobatic Super Cat of East Africa (Video)
This Video: learn about God's fascinating creature the Caracal; shows a caracal on a suspense-filled hunt while providing interesting scientific details about this wild cat that can leap more than 10 feet high to snatch its prey!

Read the Book: "The Life and Miracles of Saint Philomena"

Statue of St Philomena (d. 304 A.D.). Pope Pius IX proclaimed her "Patroness of the Children of Mary."

An excellent text the for the homeschooler with acquried reading skills: "The Life and Miracles of Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr: Whose Sacred Body was Lately Discovered in the Catacombs at Rome, and from thence Transferred to Mugnano, in the Kingdom of Naples" (1865), Imprimatur

Click here to Download this book


“To Saint Philomena God refuses nothing.“
-St. John Vianney

Catholic Composer Johann Pachalbel's Canon in D Major
5:48 video contains audio with musical notation. Helpful for children to better learn/love Catholic music.
"If I do not become a Saint when I am young, I shall never become one." -St John Berchmans (He died at age 22.) St John Berchmans was appointed, conjointly with St Aloysius, to be the patron & pattern of youth, by Pius IX.  

Live Underwater Sea Life Camera

Click image to enlarge.

Click to view living sea creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium- great resource for moms who need some rest and/or want to spend a little time reading good Catholic literature, as their little ones are glued to the ocean life ... .


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St Agnes, Patroness of the Children of Mary (with St Philomena), was a martyr for Christ when only twelve years of age. Neither promises nor threats could shake her faith. When undergoing the hardest trial for a virgin soul, "Christ," she said, "will guard His own." Nor was she wrong. "Christ is my Spouse: He chose me first, and His I will be. He set a seal upon my face, that I might admit no love but His. He pledged my troth with the ring of faith and adorned me with the necklace of infinite beauty." A stroke of the sword united her soul forever with her Spouse.

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