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(RNS) October 3, 1969 — Joseph Cardinal Siri declared here that the Church has “absolutely no room for democracy” in its structure. The Archbishop of Genoa is considered to be one of the conservative leaders of the Roman Curia. He is a member of three Vatican congregations and the Commission for the Revision of Canon Law. Writing in Renovatio, a monthly journal, Cardinal Siri asked, “Is there room for democracy in the Church?” He answered his own question with an absolute “no." On the question of collegiality, Cardinal Siri said there are only two rules to be kept in mind. “First," he said, “the Pope can do everything and anything without the episcopal college and second, the episcopal college can do nothing without the agreement of the Pope.”


(Source: "The Catholic Transcript", Vol. LXXII, #24, October 3, 1969)


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God's wonderful creation... video showing how Black Herons' use their wings like an umbrella to create shade - that attracts fish (to eat) - they're found mainly on the east half of the African continent and in Madagascar.

"The Stoning of St Stephen"

by Fra Angelico

(1447-49 A.D.)


"The martyrs, therefore, acquired great merits, because the virtues of which they gave proofs in

their combats were great and heroic. We shall briefly describe these virtues in order that we may imitate them in the tribulations to which we may be exposed in this life." -St. Alphonsus (p. 25)



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(11/8/2022 VIDEO from Maricopa Co., Arizona - with poll workers announcing voting machines are not working.) Extract from Media Research Center: "Is it possible that first thing on Election Day in Arizona, possibly the most watched county in the state because of possible shenanigans in the 2020 election is having voting issues again? It’s true. Video is emerging, initially from Maricopa County and now spreading all over the state, that shows ballot counting machines are NOT working. The solution from the poll workers is to neglect the first box — which doesn’t seem to be working at all — and the second box — which is only working with a 75 percent success rate — in favor of a third box that will be transported to another location and eventually get counted later in the day." (AND this from "The Wall Street Journal": "Vote tabulation machines in about 20% of 223 voting centers in Arizona’s Maricopa County are malfunctioning and not accepting some completed ballots as designed, county officials said Tuesday.")


Breaking News: Residents of a Virginia town [Pulaski] were ordered to shelter in place on Thursday as police try to find an armed and dangerous man after he attempted to run over two police officers with a stolen police car.


Police say Jerrod Celablee Brown, 34, also stole additional firearms from the police vehicle and fled on foot after the crash.


Reporters at the scene said they heard gunshots which they believe are from Brown... .


Police have asked residents not to approach Brown as officers gather in the Southside of Pulaski to search for the fugitive.


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The Luciferian Freemason "Cardinal" Tisserant in a letter, "told a priest... that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was willed and planned for by FORCES alien to the Holy Spirit."

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I didn't know that Pope Pius XII wanted Siri to be his successor, without the convening of a conclave. it's like he had a premonition of what would happen.

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