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Video: Illegal Alien Challenges USBP Agent to a Fight
On August 22, 2022 an illegal alien was filmed trying to fight a U.S. Border Patrol agent, at a San Diego, CA beach, across the border from Tijuana, Mexico. A fellow criminal invader was already under arrest, face down in the sand, but the other alien refused to stand down and challenged the border agent to a fight! While waiting for backup, the U.S. officer is shown swinging his nightstick at the dirty criminal, as a large mob wildly cheer for their Loser countryman, from the Mexican side of the border. The foolish invader is soon sacked by a charging border agent, ending the mortally sinful and dangerous episode, wrought by the lawless wretch.

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The TCW Staff | Reply 14.09.2022 21:38

"Migrants killing dogs, stealing from homes prompts some Texas border town residents to arm themselves" (Fox News)

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Yesterday | 19:06

St. Hildegard's 12th C. Prophecy:

"the comet comes..."

(A 3 Days of Darkness Prophetic Warning)

25.09 | 21:08

"Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tests positive for COVID-19 for second time in less than 2 months." (Fox News)

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Dear EH and TCW, I award you and your members the most precious site of truth in the entire world, it even radiates of truth. Long live E.H. to continue this

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