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EU Looking at Ending its Blockade of Kaliningrad, Russia
Note: On June 17, 2022 the Lithuanian government enforced a transit ban [blockade] on certain goods through its own territory to Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave). The measures came as part of EU sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine war.

Russia has insistently conveyed, that if the blockade of its territory (which has the full approval of the Biden White House and NATO) is not removed, it will be forced to take non-diplomatic actions to remove it.

Many observers think that currently, as Ukraine seemingly has no practical chance of defeating Russia, that this blockade was put in place to trigger a Russian attack of Lithuanian [a member of NATO] - which would activate Article 5 of the NATO charter - automatically bringing in all of NATO into a military conflict with Russia. Crazy!

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Yesterday | 10:09

FOX News Exclusive: "Trump 'will do whatever' he can to 'help the country' after FBI raid: 'Temperature has to be brought down'", full article here:

Yesterday | 09:52

"Canada’s road to allowing euthanasia began in 2015, when its highest court declared that outlawing assisted suicide deprived people of their dignity and autonomy." (Source: AP News Article, 08/11/2022)

Yesterday | 09:46

Euthanasia is now a leading cause of death in Canada only a few years after being "legalized". A person can be granted, by the Canadian government, approval to kill themselves over the so called health condition of hearing loss!

10.08 | 04:16

Thank you from a Catholic in Sweden! 500 years after the Reformation-Schism robbed the people here of their Catholic faith, the church is returning. Hallelujah!

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