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TX Woman Charged with Murder for Self-Induced Abortion

"Texas woman charged with murder for ‘self-induced abortion’"

Fox 44 News 

April 8, 2022 


STARR CO., TX (KVEO) – A woman has been charged with murder after Texas authorities say she performed a “self-induced abortion.”


Lizelle Herrera, 26, was arrested on Thursday by the Starr County Sheriff’s Office and charged with murder. Starr County is located near the U.S.-Mexico border and the southern tip of Texas.


According to a sheriff’s office spokesperson, Herrera was arrested after it was learned she “intentionally and knowingly caused the death of an individual by self-induced abortion.”


Herrera remains in the custody of the Starr County Sheriff’s Office at this time on a $500 thousand bond.


This case remained under investigation Friday.


The charges come as several other states try to follow the lead of Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott passed the so-called heartbeat law, legislation banning abortions after six weeks. The law went into effect in September, 2021.


Texas abortions dropped 60% after heartbeat law took effect. ... ."



"That person is a murderer who causes to perish by abortion what has been conceived."


(Christ's Vicar on Earth, Pope Stephen V, 885-891 A.D.)



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DONE Sending...

THE EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 10.04.2022 16:36

Update: The Starr County, TX D.A., Gocha Allen Ramirez, wrote in a statement Sunday that he was dismissing the charges against Lizelle Herrera, as the incident was 'not a criminal matter.' And as predicted, (cont.)

THE EDITOR OF TCW 10.04.2022 16:41

... is making it out that Herrera is the victim, as he stated “the events leading up to this indictment have taken a toll on Ms. Herrera and her family. To ignore this fact would be shortsighted.”

The Editor of TCW | Reply 08.04.2022 23:01

Get ready for the Liberal MSM to paint this woman, charged with murdering a helpless baby, as "the victim". And they will say this law is "racist", that it targets 'people of color" etc., etc.

E. Sayers 10.04.2022 12:43

Yes they will. Apparently trying to prevent the murder of "poc" babies in the womb is racist. I thank God I was freed from that Satanic liberal mindset.

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08.05 | 23:15

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.

05.05 | 09:38

"... the sect of Freemasonry was, in its first instance, created by Jews.' (Source: Church Approved, "On the Jewish Question in Europe: The Causes, The Effects, The Remedies", from La Civilta Cattolica, vol. VII, no. XIV. 1890 [Oct, Nov, Dec])

04.05 | 18:02

Totally agree. America is a FreeMason empire. The Constitution is simply a Masonic document and apart from the Jews, no one is more Antichrist than the Masons.

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