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The Criteria to be Considered a Real Catholic

"Wherefore, if anybody wishes to be considered a real Catholic,
he ought to be able to say from his heart the selfsame words which
Jerome addressed to Pope Damasus: "I, acknowledging no other
leader than Christ, am bound in fellowship with Your Holiness; that
is, with the chair of Peter. I know that the church was built upon him
as its rock, and that whosoever gathereth not with you, scattereth."


-Pope Leo XIII, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae, January 22, 1899

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Servant | Reply 28.03.2022 06:53

Whoever eats the lamb out of that house is a profane person. Whoever is not in the ark shall perish in the flood.. (further by St. Jerome)

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01.12 | 14:17

“Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity.”
–Pope Innocent III

30.11 | 21:58

Note: Additional content was added to this TCW Exclusive post: "CIA Oversaw Foreign Intel Agency Spying on Hostage Pope".

29.11 | 17:23

I didn't know that Pope Pius XII wanted Siri to be his successor, without the convening of a conclave. it's like he had a premonition of what would happen.

28.11 | 09:08

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