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Ottawa Tow Truck COs Won't Haul Away Protestor's Rigs

Canadian Truck Driver's [Protestor's] Vehicles Parked in Nation's Capital City of Ottawa

[Background: The protest movement was sparked by a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the

US-Canada border, implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government earlier this
month. ... Upset with the new measure that would require unvaccinated Canadiantruckers crossing
the two nations' boundary to quarantine once they've returned home, a loose coalition of truckers
and groups began to organize the cross-country drive (to Ottawa) that began in western Canada.]



Tow-truck companies refuse to haul away large trucks gridlocking Ottawa:

The Canadian Press

(Feb 8, 2022)


OTTAWA — All tow-truck companies on contract with the city have refused to haul away the big rigs that have gridlocked Ottawa's downtown for the second week in a row, the city's manager says.


Steve Kanellakos said the consensus among many of the companies seems to be that they don't want to do the work because the heavy truck industry is such a large part of their livelihoods and they don't want to damage that part of their businesses.


The city has contracts with 10 companies, which are typically used to tow vehicles during parking bans so city plows can remove snow. [...]


"We've contacted them all and every one, they're all refusing as of today to provide heavy tow truck work," Kanellakos said Monday evening after a briefing to city council on the demonstration downtown. [...] 


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