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Commie China Parades Alleged Violators of Covid Rules
Armed riot police in southern Communist China have paraded four alleged violators of Covid rules through the streets. Four masked "suspects" in hazmat suits - carrying placards displaying their photos and names - were marched (on 12/28/2021) in front of a large crowd in Guangxi region's Jingxi city. Photos of the event showed each "suspect" held by two police officers and surrounded by a circle of police in riot gear, some holding guns. It comes as locked-down residents in one of Red China 's biggest cities say they are at risk of starving in their homes. "Officials" running the city of Xi'an on Monday told 13 million people they are only allowed out of their residential compounds when invited to take part in a new round of mass testing, or for medical emergencies. (Note: Look close at the way their hands droop behind them, it seems they're in handcuffs. Also see related links: (1.) & (2.) -The Editor)

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The TCW Staff | Reply 28.11.2022 07:56

"Protests Break Out in China as Covid Cases Surge and Lockdowns Persist":
Protests against strict Covid restrictions ricocheted across the country - some demonstrators called for the Communist Party and its leader, Xi Jinping, to step down. (NY Times)

Mary | Reply 29.12.2021 19:46

If only they would do this in the U.S.with heretics. ....I won't hold my breath.

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Yesterday | 17:11

December 3: FIRST SATURDAY/St. Francis Xavier Confessor, Greater Double. Read more on "The Apostle of the Indies", at:

Yesterday | 16:06

The Luciferian Freemason "Cardinal" Tisserant in a letter, "told a priest... that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was willed and planned for by FORCES alien to the Holy Spirit."

29.11 | 17:23

I didn't know that Pope Pius XII wanted Siri to be his successor, without the convening of a conclave. it's like he had a premonition of what would happen.

28.11 | 09:08

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