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You CAN Drive From US To France: Saint Pierre & Miquelon
St. Pierre & Miquelon is a self-governing French territory accessible by a 45 minute ferry from Newfoundland, CAN. [Note: it has a transatlantic airport too. -ED] You’ll find baguettes, French wine, music... culture. There are essentially two islands – Saint Pierre and Miquelon. St. Pierre is the smaller island but is the most populated and developed, with about 5500 residents. Miquelon is much bigger in size but has only 600 residents or so, making it far wilder. “Saint Pierre,” as one songwriter once put it, “is France far off and it is France forever.”

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The TCW Staff | Reply 27.11.2021 21:29

Saint Pierre and Miquelon visitor attractions include learning French for English students (of all ages), who want to immerse themselves in French culture.

THE TCW STAFF 28.11.2021 20:01

It is noted that the type of French spoken here is markedly different from that spoken in Quebec. The islanders sound more like the people of France.

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December 3: FIRST SATURDAY/St. Francis Xavier Confessor, Greater Double. Read more on "The Apostle of the Indies", at:

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The Luciferian Freemason "Cardinal" Tisserant in a letter, "told a priest... that the election of John XXIII was illegitimate because it was willed and planned for by FORCES alien to the Holy Spirit."

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I didn't know that Pope Pius XII wanted Siri to be his successor, without the convening of a conclave. it's like he had a premonition of what would happen.

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