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Oct 2021 Liturgical Calendar for True Catholic Church

 Painting of a woman from Brittany, France praying the rosary and holding a taper, by Jules Breton, 1873 A.D.


October is the Month the Church Dedicates to the Holy Rosary & the Holy Angels


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"Surviving The 3 Days of Darkness in the Land of St. Anne" (Brittany, France)

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TCW STAFF MEMBER | Reply 25.10.2021 14:42

Oct 25, 2021: Feast Day of Ss. Chrysanthus And Daria - learn more about these holy Catholic martyrs at:

TCW STAFF MEMBER | Reply 14.10.2021 12:50

Oct 14, 2021: St. Callistus I Pope and Martyr, Double. Read more about this Great Saint at:

TCW STAFF MEMBER | Reply 11.10.2021 17:14

Oct 11, 2021: Feast Day of The Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Double of the II Class - Read more at:

TCW STAFF MEMBER 11.10.2021 17:30

(Council of Ephesus, 431 A.D.): “If any one does not confess that God is truly Emmanuel [God with us] and that the Holy Virgin is therefore Mother of God — for she brought forth according to the flesh the Word made flesh — let him be anathema.”

TCW Staff Member | Reply 06.10.2021 23:32

October 6, 2021: St. Bruno, Confessor - Rank: Double. Learn more about the holy founder of the Carthusian Monks at:

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