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Biden Claims Afghan Withdrawal ‘extraordinary success’


"Biden hailed the 'extraordinary success' of the Kabul evacuation, a day after the end of a two-week effort that *saw the deaths of 13 service members." (WAPO, August 31, 2021)


*And the stranding of hundreds of US citizen's behind enemy lines - more than 6500 miles from home.  


"If there's American citizens left (in Afghanistan), we're gonna stay

to get them all out." (-Joe Biden, Interview ABC News', August 18, 2021)



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*"Exclusive: Before Afghan collapse, Biden pressed Ghani to ‘change perception’" (Reuters, 08/31/2021)


*The N.Y. Times, like several media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, has avoided the bombshell July phone call Biden had pressuring then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to push the "perception" of stability in Afghanistan "whether it is true or not," fueling allegations that Biden knowingly misled the nation about a "safe and orderly" military exit out of the country as his Afghan counterpart warned about a "full-scale invasion" by the Taliban and other terrorists. 

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THE TCW STAFF | Reply 13.04.2022 20:57

"Poll: Biden approval rating hits all-time low of 33 percent" (Yahoo News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 04.02.2022 02:53

"US Government Left As Many As 9,000 American Citizens In Afghanistan After Withdrawal, Senate Report Reveals" (The Daily Caller)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 26.10.2021 13:23

"The Pentagon stated Tuesday that nearly 450 American citizens are still in Afghanistan following August’s U.S. military withdrawal, more than the Biden administration has previously claimed." (Fox News)

The TCW Staff | Reply 31.08.2021 20:53

"Roughly 1,250 Canadian citizens and their family members left behind in Afghanistan" (WAPO)

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"Canada’s road to allowing euthanasia began in 2015, when its highest court declared that outlawing assisted suicide deprived people of their dignity and autonomy." (Source: AP News Article, 08/11/2022)

Yesterday | 09:46

Euthanasia is now a leading cause of death in Canada only a few years after being "legalized". A person can be granted, by the Canadian government, approval to kill themselves over the so called health condition of hearing loss!

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Thank you from a Catholic in Sweden! 500 years after the Reformation-Schism robbed the people here of their Catholic faith, the church is returning. Hallelujah!

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