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Policeman Rescues Man from Burning Car on Detroit Hwy
Dramatic video captured the moment a brave policeman pulled an injured man from a burning car on a busy Michigan interstate. The video begins from the vantage point of Harper Woods Police Officer Luke Pauley, whose body camera showed him responding to the scene of a rollover crash on I-94 at Moross Road in Detroit, on June 27, 2021. Officer Pauley can be see running towards the car that's engulfed in flames. Dashcam video then shows him reaching into the burning car and pulling out the driver - ultimately bringing him to safety.

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THE TCW STAFF | Reply 10.10.2021 11:14

"Georgia police officer shot dead first day with force, armed suspect on the loose": Officer leaves behind a wife and 6-month-old daughter. (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 10.10.2021 11:09

"Louisiana state trooper shot, killed in ambush by shooting spree suspect" (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 05.10.2021 19:57

"Alabama sergeant dead after shot in line of duty, another officer wounded." (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 08.08.2021 16:32

"Chicago officer killed during traffic stop: City sees more shootings targeting police" (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 05.08.2021 12:56

"Unknown gunman or gunmen ambushed and fatally shot a 26-year-old sheriff's deputy near Louisville, Kentucky, authorities said." (ABC News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 28.07.2021 05:33

MN police officer shot [killed] on Indian reservation - in line of duty - leaves behind a wife and four children.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 27.07.2021 21:14

"Alabama police officer fatally shot in ambush outside home during lunch break" (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 25.07.2021 23:15

"2 California Deputies Shot in Hours-Long Standoff" - The deputies have been taken to local hospital with 'moderate' and 'major' injuries.

THE TCW STAFF 26.07.2021 08:48

Update - one of the California officers has been confirmed to have died. The man [criminal] who shot them was shot, himself, and is now in custody.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 25.07.2021 16:42

"WA State Deputy Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty" (ABC) see:

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