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DUTIES of Government & Legislators Towards the Unborn


"Governments and legislatures must remember that it is the duty of public authority to protect the lives

 of the innocent by appropriate laws and penalties, especially when those whose lives are attacked and endangered are unable to protect themselves, as is particularly the case with infants in their mother's womb.  If the State authorities not only fail to protect these little ones but by their laws and decrees, suffer [tolerate] them to be killed, and even deliver them into the hands of doctors and others for that purpose, let them remember that God is the Judge and Avenger of the innocent blood that cries from earth to heaven."  

(Christ's Vicar on Earth, Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Casti Connubii, Dec. 31, 1930 A.D.)


"That *person is a murderer who causes to perish by abortion what has been conceived."

(Christ's Vicar on Earth, Pope Stephen V, 885-891 A.D.)


*"[Those] who procure abortion, — the mother not excepted, — after the effect
has followed, incur the excommunication latae sententiae [automatically]... ."
(The 1917 Code of Canon Law, c. 2350)



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EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 22.07.2021 11:20

Just heard the outrageous heretic Nancy Pelosi, in a live press conference, boast that she's a devout Catholic & that she wants to make abortion available via tax payer's money; especially for the poor. She called this [the murdering of babies] "justice".

The TCW Staff | Reply 26.06.2021 00:13

"Over 40 Republicans Send Letter to McCarthy, McConnell Calling on them to Reject any Budget Legislation that Doesn’t Defend Hyde Amendment" (The Daily Caller)

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