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Letter to Editor: Q. How to be in Valid Communion Now?
Dear Sir,
I would like to be in valid communion with the true papal successor. Please let me know what steps I need to take.
In Christ's Name,
Carman  D.

(Note: there was correspondence with Mr. D., prior to the answer below. -TCW


Reply from Editor 


"Violent hands will be laid on the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church. ... Yes,

yes, the flock will become small." (End Times Prophecy of Bp. Wittman d. 1833)



Dear Mr. D.,


Hi. You need to:


1. Not support in any way, the Novus Ordo or Phony Traditionalist sects

2. Abjure any and all errors (past or present). 

3. Make a Perfect Act of Contrition

4. Hope to meet with a duly authorized member of the clergy to juridically 
welcome/or reinstate you into the One True Catholic Church. 

5. While you wait for that meeting - do all you can to promote/support the One
True Catholic Church.

Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!

The Editor of TCW


P.S. This is the Apostasy... it takes much perseverance. You will be attacked by the devil and most humans. Yet, what a priceless gift awaits those who make it through these awful times!

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DONE Sending...

Darce | Reply 22.01.2021 22:13

Gracias por existir, la Santísima Trinidad los guíe y puedan llegar a nosotros en Nicaragua. Bendiciones!!!

RUBY MONAGHAN | Reply 13.01.2021 17:21


EDITOR OF TCW 13.01.2021 21:18

No. That is a Theological impossibility. See: Pope Paul IV's Infallible CUM EX APOSTOLATUS OFFICIO here: (Also) see info
on the glorious Toledo Councils which anathematize the heretic Bergoglio at:

Sharon Ickes | Reply 13.01.2021 14:02

I am 80 years old and have been a Roman Catholic all my life. When the Novus Ordo mass took over the Church, we were not advised what to do. What do I do now?

EDITOR OF TCW 13.01.2021 16:38

Hi. Judeo-Masonry for centuries has tried to overthrow the Church. They made their most destructive onslaught ever at the '58 Conclave when they criminally pushed the True Pope aside & installed their own agent/saboteur... (cont.)

Editor of TCW 13.01.2021 16:35

...You ask what to do now? Follow the 5 steps listed (above) in this post. If you have other questions, please contact us at:
May Our Lady Protect You!

Editor of TCW | Reply 29.12.2020 21:29

"The triumph of the living will be grand when Holy Church, which is
surrounded by thorns, will be surrounded by a crown of golden lilies!"
(Vision of Marie-Julie Jahenny, October 6th, 1877 A.D.)

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