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PROTECT THE VOTE: How to Report Election Abuse/Fraud

Arguably the Biggest election in U.S. History


The 2020 Race for the White House still hangs in the balance in a handful of pivotal battleground states. Despite President Trump winning by big margins on Tuesday, ballots for Joe Biden continue to be added to the tally days after polls closed in all 50 states.



"My committee has jurisdiction over USPS and the federal workforce. I’m asking

anyone who knows of irregularities related to mail-in or absentee ballots to contact

our confidential whistleblower hotline: ."

-U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, 11/12/2020


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A | Reply 16.11.2020 21:56

If this election was proven to be stolen, it makes the papal election of 1958 all the more suspicious. Will this be a wake up call to Catholics doubting 1958?

Mary 20.11.2020 09:09

Yes,this would be a gòod time to compare the usurpation of 1958 election and this worldly counterpart election of 2020,in conversations.

Herman 18.11.2020 12:45

Yes, tepid Catholics should have already have been alarmed but add that to the emboldened traitor anti pope Francis' congratulating Biden. GB TCW and followers

John Nicolas | Reply 13.11.2020 22:48

Maybe leave out all mail in ballots and only count the personal votes with ID they say lots of underaged youth have voted by mail during covid

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"Gasoline Prices Rise Above $4 in All 50 States for First Time Ever" (Barron's, 05/17/2022)

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Yes, I believe every aspect of American society is controlled and exploited by the Judeo Masonic infiltrators and are protected by "freedom" of religion GBTCW

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Hail Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.

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