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Commie "Mayor" of Mpls on Looting & Arson in the City

(L.) Mpls, MN Communist "Mayor" Jacob Frey(R.) Anarchists Burn & Loot Mpls 3rd Precinct Police HQ's 


“I hope that in years and decades from now, we can look back at this time of
great trauma and turmoil and recognize it as the moment where we rose up,
united in purpose and finally created the change that we all envision.”


(Words of Jacob Frey, "Mayor" of Mpls, MN, when asked about his handling of the looting and fires

[*riots in Mpls]. Source: The NY Times,"‘They Have Lost Control’: Why Minneapolis Burned", 07/03/2020)


*"The state [MN] has estimated total damages at more than $500 million." Source: MPR News, "Federal government denies Minnesota’s request for aid to clean up, rebuild in Twin Cities", 07/11/2020.


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THE TCW STAFF | Reply 16.06.2022 10:07

"Crime spills into dozens of Minneapolis suburbs, sparking fear among residents": Minneapolis suburbanites say crime is 'really out of control' (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 31.12.2021 21:22

"Young Minneapolis family carjacked at gunpoint inside home garage:
The Minneapolis Police Department has recorded 75 carjackings so far in 2021" (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 27.11.2021 19:29

"Dozens simultaneously rob 2 Minnesota Best Buy stores in Black Friday operation" (NY Daily News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 11.10.2021 17:29

"Portland reels from violent weekend, 13 shootings in 28 hours, police say" (Fox News, Link:

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 05.08.2021 15:08

"Soros Bankrolls Group Pushing to 'Dismantle,' Replace Minneapolis Police Dept" (Fox News) See:

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 29.07.2021 22:56

"Woman Beheaded in Broad Daylight in Mpls-St. Paul Metro Area, Allegedly by Boyfriend". Part of crime captured on video.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 28.07.2021 11:17

"Minnesota sets new state records for murders, assaults on police officers in 2020" (Fox News)

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 17.06.2021 23:22

Portland Police's entire riot squad of 50 RESIGNS in protest after cop was indicted for striking 'activist photographer' during BLM protest that saw building set alight.

The TCW Staff | Reply 17.06.2021 12:45

The MN National Guard has activated approximately 100 Soldiers from the 257th Military Police Company at the request of the city of Minneapolis for potential support to civil unrest within the city.

THE TCW STAFF | Reply 04.05.2021 11:54

"Minneapolis activists' push to abolish police picks up steam as petition filed" (Fox News)

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