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Commie "Mayor" of Mpls on Looting & Arson in the City

(L.) Mpls, MN Communist "Mayor" Jacob Frey(R.) Anarchists Burn & Loot Mpls 3rd Precinct Police HQ's 


“I hope that in years and decades from now, we can look back at this time of
great trauma and turmoil and recognize it as the moment where we rose up,
united in purpose and finally created the change that we all envision.”


(Words of Jacob Frey, "Mayor" of Mpls, MN, when asked about his handling of the looting and fires

[*riots in Mpls]. Source: The NY Times,"‘They Have Lost Control’: Why Minneapolis Burned", 07/03/2020)


*"The state [MN] has estimated total damages at more than $500 million." Source: MPR News, "Federal government denies Minnesota’s request for aid to clean up, rebuild in Twin Cities", 07/11/2020.

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EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 10.09.2020 20.35

(ABC News) The mayor of Portland has ordered police in Oregon's largest city to stop using tear gas for crowd control during often violent protests that have racked the city for months.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 31.08.2020 23.58

"Law enforcement agencies refuse to send deputies into Portland." The groups cited a lack of resources, as well as a “lack of accountability for those arrested committing criminal acts” as their reasoning. (KPTV in Oregon)

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 27.08.2020 00.48

Breaking News: "Minneapolis stores looted as mayhem erupts following gunman's suicide". The suspected gunman was being sought for a slaying that occurred hours earlier, police said.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 26.08.2020 14.26

(Fox News) "Trump says he will send federal law enforcement, National Guard to Kenosha, WI."

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 26.08.2020 03.06

Breaking News: People shot in Kenosha during Marxist BLM arson mob gathering.

EDITOR OF TCW 26.08.2020 04.06

"White House says (Ultra Liberal Democrat) Gov. Tony Evers (of WI) turned down federal help to quell Kenosha disturbances [riots]." (Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug. 25, 2020)

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 16.08.2020 11.52

(Fox News) "Over 60 Portland 911 calls go unheeded overnight as police respond to riot." The Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday - the 80th consecutive night of "protests".

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 13.08.2020 14.21

Minneapolis has had a 114% increase in homicides since the beginning of the year until Aug. 12, according to the Minneapolis Police Department - data.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 05.08.2020 12.39

Portland police said "demonstrators" caused damage inside the Portland Police Association building and set a fire. Police declared a riot.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 30.07.2020 17.49

There have been 15 homicides in Portland since July 1st, which is the most in one month in over 30 years, according to Portland Police.

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