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Sanborn & Sinéad: With Thucite Sect All Bets ARE OFF

Image of counter-culture female pop-star Sinéad O'Connor: one of the countless ambitious Anarchists who is 100% convinced of the validity of their "Bishop Thuc-Line 'orders'".


"Nothing Compares To You" Right?? ... The Bogus Thuc Consecrations:


In brief, The Holy See (in exile) views the continuing pandemic of Non-Papal Mandated (i.e. Anti-Traditional) Thuc "Consecrations" as worthless. A True Catholic can have nothing to do with these scandalous scoundrels. In reality, one should avoid Big Don Sanborn just as they should female pop-star Sinéad O'Connor both, whom by their own self-will and own "mandate" are convinced they are clerics via the "Thuc-line". In the wacky Thuc church anyone who says the "right" thing (or has the dough) can get "ordained" and set up shop. 


Roman Catholics know the sacred priesthood only comes from God's calling a chosen soul and then The Church of St. Peter confirming that mandate from Heaven.  ... And these pathetic *sedevacantists try to publicly deride Catholics (the Church in eclipse) for not attending their sacrilegious services?!?


Secular Press Report: In the late 1990s, *Sinéad O'Connor was controversially ordained into the Independent Catholic group known as the Latin Tridentine Church, by Irish Bishop Michael Cox, in disregard for the prohibition on the ordination of women within Roman Catholicism. As a result she was automatically excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. Bishop Cox contacted her to offer ordination following her appearance on the RTÉ's Late Late Show, during which she told the presenter, G. Byrne, that had she not been a singer, she would have wished to have been a Catholic priest. After her service of ordination, she indicated that she wished to have been a Catholic priest.


 *Note from TCW: Mrs. O'Connor is an adulteress and also publicly stated she practices sins against nature.


In 2003 she announced that she was going to leave the music industry and train to be a catechist (teacher of the Catholic religion to school children). 


In 2005 she performed at Madison Square Garden at the Jammy Awards and announced plans to release a reggae-influenced album, named Throw Down Your Arms, in October 2005. ABC Radio News, announcing her new album, reported that she has found solace in the (Pot Smoking) *Rastafarian faith, and that the religion "saved her life." (End)


*Did the dreadlock-sprouting Rastas have to "bend the rules", by allowing that baldy O'Connor into their novelty? -Editor of TCW


Related Info/Link:


(From: 08/30/11): "The Heretical CMRI's Boss, Mark Pivarunas, 'Stance' On The Ongoing Dolan & Cekada Scandal at SGG in Ohio":


A member of the Thuc church, Dr. Thomas Droleskey, publicly reported today that the leader of CMRI, Mark Pivarunas, revealed to him [Nov. of 2009] in multiple conversations that he (Pivarunas) KNEW that what was being reported (abuse of children) by alarmed/concerned people (which included the testimony of a Markus Ramolla) at Saint Gertrude the Great in Ohio was true.


Dr. Droleskey noted that Pivarunas in the Fall of 2009 wanted it known that he (CMRI) would offer "sacraments" to those who already had, or would leave SGG who were: (exact quote of Pivarunas) "tired of the lies and rationalizations told repeatedly to justify the status quo" (at Dolan & Cekada's SGG).


Yet in perfect "heroic sedevacantist" form, Thuc "bishop" Mark Pivarunas made it clear to those reporting the abuse, that he could not take any public stand on the matter (corruption of youth) because his priests wanted to “avoid controversy.” Source: T.A. Droleskey News Article 


Caution: the following website link on Mr. Donald Sanborn's closest of colleagues [paid staff] in West Chester, OH is not for younger readers:


Sedevacantist Cover-Up

(An Ad hoc site from concerned parents: Tears mask off Daniel Dolan & Anthony Cekada, SGG and Jim Gebel's Betrayal of kids.)

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