How to Get Married in the True Catholic Church

Picture of the Editor of TCW Mr. Hobson and His Wife
The Hobson's were married in the True Catholic Church (of the "Gregory Popes").
They have been blessed with two wonderful children. If you have prayed earnestly, consulted trusted people, and believe that holy matrimony is God's Will for you - visit the "Contact TCW Staff" link (located on this site) for more details on the procedure/to meet with a True priest. 

You can scroll down this page to view some pictures of the Hobson family.

"Marriage and Parenthood, the Catholic Ideal"

"..the marriage bond is a law of nature. It is a mutual agreement by which a man and a woman give themselves to each other until death, and this chiefly for the sake of the highest interest of the children which shall be born to them... ."

Click here to read more excerpts from: 
"Marriage and Parenthood, the Catholic Idea"
by Fr. Thomas J. Gerrard, 1911 A.D., Imp.


Some Family Fun (Photos & Videos)

True Catholic kids: the Hobson boys with some of their friends. (2014)
The wife of the Editor took this picture of her favorite men watching elephants last August (2012), at the Zoo.

06/11/2015 - Editor of TCW lands a nice bass while fishing with son.

"It's important to be in an area with a year-round accessible food supply for
the upcoming 3 Days of Darkness. Let's keep getting prepared." -Mr. Hobson


06/15/2015 - Editor's son (pictured with the sun in his eyes) catches his own nice one.

"My oldest son casted, firmly set the hook and landed this biggie.
He is learning valuable skills and having a LOT of fun!" -Mr. Hobson


2015 - Editor's youngest son holding sticks in his arm he calls his "weapons". 

"In the pursuit of avoiding sibling rivalry... I added this one." -Mr. Hobson 


Best Friends with Frisbee (Fall 2016)

04/18/2017 - Editor of TCW lands 4 plus lb Largemouth Bass.

"It's Spring and the biggies are biting again. My son landed a dandy today too." -Mr. Hobson


04/18/2017 - Editor's youngest son caught his biggest bass ever today (around 2 3/4 lbs). 

Youngest Son Sleds Into "Daddy Cameraman" (Winter 2017)
Listen for a Second thud right after impact. Note: my "downhill bomber" was already low to the ground for the length of HIS fun ride... family had a great time at Beech Mountain Ski Resort - highest mount on US East Coast.
"Topped by personal best on 05-31-2017 with this 5 lb 8 oz Largemouth bass, which is now on my wall [see exact topwater lure I used, included in the mount]. My sons watched me land it... what a thrill!" -Mr. Hobson
3 Pointer (on 2nd attempt...) - Spring 2018
"Walked onto the court this evening and it was totally empty ! so I went for the the big 3 pointer... getting ready to play in the adult basketball games. It's been quite a while since I played team ball (looking forward to it) - will keep you posted." -Mr. Hobson

Editor's wife with their oldest son on windy summer day. (2018)



Editor's sons returning from a 1st time family ocean fishing "day trip". We all caught fish!  (Spring 2019)

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DONE Sending...

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 24.05.2019 16.12

Note: my wife slipped (fell) and broke her humerus bone, requiring surgery. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks, The Editor of TCW

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 29.04.2019 00.52

Spring... they're biting again, not a huge one, but still Fun - see pic:

Jason Fabaz | Reply 13.01.2019 08.59

Thank you for your website and all the good information.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 08.10.2018 07.18

I want to wish my lovely wife a happy 14th year anniversary. -David H., Editor of TCW

Editor of TCW | Reply 06.07.2018 00.40

Just saw four pronghorns in a field, while driving through Texas... real beautiful animals.

Gilles Bannedique | Reply 17.03.2018 04.07

Dear Sirs,

Why has this website not been updated most recently?

Papal Restoration Staff Member 17.03.2018 12.25

The Editor of has been out for several weeks, due to a seasonal illness, but plans to resume posts this Sunday.

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 02.12.2017 08.49

In Destin, Fl today for business, quite picturesque... looking forward so much to receiving True Sacraments in "The Grand Strand" for several months - starting in January of 2018!

EDITOR OF TCW 03.12.2017 09.55

Picture from Destin, FL which makes up the best part of what's called "The Emerald Coast". (The water is super clear & literally emerald color.) See:

EDITOR OF TCW | Reply 06.07.2017 20.41

I am visiting New Hampshire for the first time (Meredith area). It is absolutely beautiful. They call NH "The "Switzerland of America". Very mountanous... super clear lakes, streams all around. Defintely visit if you can.

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"One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world."
(The Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Dominic)

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Today, July 16th, is the Solemn Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. To learn the exact teaching on the Brown Scapular, see this link:

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See the July 2019 Liturgical Calendar for the True Catholic Church here:

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Yes, and chose the name Gregory XVII. He had no need whatsoever to be "elected" at any future conclave(s), nor could be. His sorrowful reign "in eclipse" lasted from October 26th, 1958 until May 2, 1989.

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