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Picture of Mr. Marcel Lefebvre
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CAUTION: Photo of Pagan Heretic Marcel Lefebvre Giving Communion to Unclad Woman

Documented Evidence obtained from SSPX USA Official Website originally published by them Jan 10th, 2014

 Marcel Lefebvre on his Pagan missionary work in Africa:

"Thus I lived day by day, year by year, in Africa and particularly at Gabon, where I spent 13 years of my missionary life. ... There I saw—yes, I saw—what the grace of the Holy Mass could do. ... I saw it in those pagan souls transformed by assistance at Holy Mass ... . 

...These [were] men produced by the grace of the Mass. They assisted at the Mass daily, communicating with great fervor and they have become models and the light to those about them. ..." (Excerpted from the book, Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre)

TCW thinks it is imperative to continue to unmask the Freemason Marcel Lefebvre. If we did not post the picture (evidence) of the pagan Lefebvre administering communion to more than one unclad woman, his moronic heretical fan[antic]s would never believe it. 

So for appropriate older researchers (PARENTS, RELIGIOUS, etc) only do we post this evidence. In the picture itself which came from the SSPX's own official website, it is a FACT that before SSPX published the photo, someone airbrushed the front torso of one of the woman (who can be seen immediately behind and to the left of the heretic Lefebvre).  

To view the photograph, click here:


June 29, 1976
In spite of all objections, he proceeded with the ordinations. (Antipope) Paul VI replied on 1st July by striking the priests ordained with a suspensus a divinis. On 29th July the same sanction struck Lefebvre - who replied the same day with an unequivocal declaration: "This conciliar church is a schismatic church because it breaks with the Catholic Church of the centuries." He continually insisted upon the heresy and schism of Vatican II and its church. However, at the same time he was talking of "interpreting the council in the sense of Tradition" and was already demanding "that they allow us to experiment with Tradition." (ECÔNE FULL STOPFortes in Fide, by Fr Noél Barbara)

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Anne G. | Reply 12.05.2016 11.05

I just found out about this site. I've been with the SSPX for 5 years. Has an invitation gone out to the SSPX "priests" (laymen) to get ordained?


Those sspx non-priests would:
1. Need to petition to have their censures removed for ipso facto participating in elementary schism.
2. Like any man, pray if they had a vocation.

Ciaran | Reply 16.08.2015 16.38

Regarding your article, "Lefebvre Giving Communion to Unclad Woman" ... that's what all the "trads" bark about Wojtyla ("pope" JP2) doing ... yet total silence when it's their Master caught in the same blasphemous action.


Four more articles were linked to the NON-priest Lefebvre page.

Papal restoration Staff Member | Reply 11.03.2015 11.18

The inside word from "those in the know" is that Lefebvre lived "high off the hog" in Africa. He was known as "lord of the Bush" there. Eyewitness reports are his luxurious lifestyle continued at his ANTI-traditional sect's HQ's in Écône, Switzerland too.

Piere R. | Reply 25.01.2015 11.49

Perhaps that is where the pagan, antipope JP2, learned it? Shocking!

ARIZONA CANNER 19.02.2015 09.56

I have never seen this scandalous picture of Lefebvre prior to this. What will his happy cheerleaders say about this?

RAY QUINN 25.01.2015 13.23

I just fact checked this. The scandalous pic of a Lefebvre is currently posted on SSPX main website. He indeed was a plant.

joseph vaillancourt | Reply 23.12.2014 23.45

like this page also

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