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Ember days are four separate sets of three days within the same week — specifically, the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday — roughly equidistant in the circuit of the year, that are formerly set aside for fasting and prayer. These four sets of Ember-Weeks are the fasts of the four seasons.


The Ember-days (so called from the custom of our forefathers: fasting on those days in sackcloth and ashes, or from their eating nothing but cakes baked under the embers) are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the first Week of Lent, of Whitsun-Week (Pentecost-Week), of the third Week in September (after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – September 14), and of the third Week in Advent (after the feast of St. Lucy – December 13). The spirit of the Church is to engage her children, at these stated times, to pray, fast, and perform such other good works, as may prevail with God to furnish his Church with good Pastors; Saturday in Ember-Week being the appointed day for ordaining and consecrating persons to the Sacred Ministry. We are likewise to beg God’s blessing on the fruits of the earth, and give him thanks for those we have already received.


Nature of Fasting & Abstinence on Ember Days:

Ember Wednesday - Fasting & Partial Abstinence.

Ember Friday - Fasting & Complete Abstinence.

Ember Saturday - Fasting & Partial Abstinence.


Also read: Church law on Fasting & Abstinence.



Sweet Heary of Mary, be or Salvation (300 days' Indulgence)


(Source: Church Approved website: The Archconfraternity
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. See:

The relief above the main doorway of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, depicting
Christ giving the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to the first Pope, St. Peter.


Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church 
(St. Matt. xvi. 18)

The Church of Jesus Christ, inasmuch as it is a society, 
a kingdom divinely established, should have a Head. 
Her invisible Head is Jesus Christ Himself; her visible 
Head is our Holy Father the Pope. 

Who is the Pope? The Pope is the successor of St. 
Peter, the Vicar of Jesus Christ and His representative 
on earth, the Pilot of the bark of St. Peter, the visible 
Head of the Church, and the common father of all the 

We say the Pope is the successor of St. Peter. By 
making the Apostle St. Peter the foundation-rock, the 
corner-stone, of His Church, Jesus Christ promised him 
successors until the end of time. For this immovable 
rock implies that Peter will be the perpetual Head of 
the Church, and will be ever necessary to sustain and 
govern her
. But how will Peter always govern the 
Church, being mortal as the rest of men? How will he 
yet govern her after his death? By his successors, 
who will be the heirs of his power, of his privileges, and 
also of his apostolic spirit. Peter, as say the fathers, is 
ever living, and will always live, in the person of the 
 whom Christ promised him in these words: 
Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, 
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. 

The promise of the Saviour has been fulfilled: Peter, 
having fixed his Pontifical See at Rome, has had as suc- 
cessors all the Roman Bishops or Pontiffs who have oc- 
cupied his See in the course of the ages down to our day. 

History unfolds to us this incomparable succession. 
It is a chain of gold held by the hand of Jesus Christ
Its first link is Peter, and we behold gloriously reigning 
the two hundred and fifty-ninth in the person of the 
august Leo XIII. After him the chain shall continue to 
lengthen until its final link is reached; that is to say, 
until the last Pope, who shall end his reign with the con- 
summation of the ages. 

This unbroken series of successors of St. Peter pre- 
sents us men who differed in name, in time, in character; 
but they all occupied the same See, and held in their 
hands the same keys, which were committed by Jesus 
Christ to the Apostle St. Peter. In other words, they 
taught the same doctrine, possessed the same power and 
privileges; insomuch that if the Prince of the Apostles 
were to return in person to exercise the Pontifical au- 
thority, his powers and privileges would not differ from 
those of the august Leo XIII., the actual possessor of 
His immortal heritage. 

The Popes may die; the Papacy neither dies nor 

Let us thank God, my brethren, for having founded 
His Church on the indestructible rock of the Papacy
and let us always have the greatest reverence and love 
for our Holy Father the Pope, the successor of St. Peter.

FOR THE Low Masses of Sunday. 
A Methodical Exposition of Christian Doctrine", 
Imprimatur 1884


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Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!


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Not too long ago, the well-known Italian magazine Chiesa viva (which did so much in the 1970's, in the exposing of the detailed Freemasonic career of "Cardinal" Achille Liénart), published a four page article on Gregory XVII, Fr. Khoat and Gregory XVIII. It also quoted TCW (In Today's Catholic World) oft in the piece. Let's pray that the editorial staff of Chiesa viva leaves all the phony traditionalists behind, to indeed board the Barque of Peter, outside of which there is positively no salvation. Provided for our readers is a copy of the Chiesa viva N°482, May, 2015 article, "Gregorio XVII il Papa nascosto e prigioniero" (Gregory XVII the Hidden and Prisoner Pope). -ED 



"This PLAN (to install a false pope) was also revealed in a letter by Cardinal Tisserant, March 12, 1970, in which he made a pointed allusion to the 'planned' election of "Pope" John XXIII: "The election of the current Sovereign Pontiff was done quickly. It is the election of Jean XXIII, that was discussed at numerous meetings. I do not know of any information on the process was able to be given by anyone after the conclave. Secrecy was imposed even more strictly than ever. IT IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS TO SAY THAT ANY CARDINAL WOULD HAVE BEEN ELECTED. You understand that I can say no more. My best regards. (Photocopy of the letter published F. Bellegrandi's book, op. cit. p. 30)... "In another letter, Cardinal Tisserant told a priest teaching canon law that THE ELECTION OF JOHN XXIII WAS ILLEGITIMATE because it WAS WILLED AND PLANNED FOR BY FORCES ALIEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT." ('Vita' 18 September, 1977, p. 4: 'Le profezie sui papi nell'elenco di San Malachia')-['Prophecies on the popes by Saint Malachy']." (Source of above text is: L'Eglise Eclipsé par Les Amis du Christ Roi de France 1997)

In 1938 Pope Pius XI was quoted as saying "When today the Pope dies, you'll get another one tomorrow, because the Church continues. It would be a much bigger tragedy, if Cardinal Pacelli dies, because there is only one. I pray every day, God may send another one into one of our seminaries, but as of today, there is only one in this world." 

After the death of Pius XI, Cardinal Pacelli would become Pope Pius XII, and in 1953, he too would endorse a man for the papacy, 46-year-old Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Genoa. As Pius XII made Siri a Cardinal, placing the red hat on his head, a reporter in attendance remarked “this is an historic moment, the Pope meets the next Pope.” In fact, Siri wrote in his now published personal diary, Pius XII said I had to succeed him, and was preparing for me the same system that Pius XI had prepared for him.”

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