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Letter to Editor: "Is this a True Catholic Chapel?"

Dear Editor of TCW:


Hello. Can a person fulfill their Sunday Mass obligation at the "Church of the Holy Family" in Agoura Hills, California? Is this a True Catholic Chapel?


Thanks for your website. I eagerly await your reply. 


In Jesu et Maria,





Reply from Editor


Hi Dennis:


No. One cannot attend there (in Agoura Hills), as the priests (hireling$ brought in) who "say mass" at that Den of Depravity, have never had censures removed - for their 

participation in false worship. They sacrilegiously offer "mass" to those who recognize

Antipope Francis and/or are part of the Sedevacantist sect (Communicatio in Sacris).

One more note: "The (lay) patriarch" behind the schismatic operation, is a sworn public enemy of the Siri FACT [the Petrine line... which alone grants *jurisdiction].


*See: "The Necessity of a Canonical Mission (809 Denzinger 434)" at this link. -ED



"The true faith to the Lord having been forgotten, each individual will
want to be on his own... ." (Our Lady of La Salette, September 19th, 1846)


Dennis, it's important to recall that True Catholics, throughout the 2000 year history of the Church, through no fault of their own, have often been unable to attend Holy Mass - even for long periods of time - due to wars, natural disasters, and Persecution.


The "priestless" holy flock in 17th Century Japan (which included multiple Catholic martyrs) provides us with a superb example of heroic suffering/virtue. Persevere! 


Blessed be St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles!


The Editor of TCW



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DONE Sending...

Herman | Reply 13.02.2020 22.10

Was caught up in the new mass, took many years of search till I thankfully, came to your site. It radiated truth and been following since, GB your family.

Lucy S. | Reply 12.02.2020 23.05

God bless you for what you're doing for the true Catholic Church, by exposing all these false churches etc.

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*(From: "Devotions to the Wonder-Worker, St. Anthony of Padua" Thirteen Invocations to St Anthony, p. 10. Imp. 1913)

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*"[T]he people of Padua consecrated TUESDAY as the special day to honour St Anthony; besides this, the general belief was, that the Wonder-worker always heard the prayers of those who besought him on that day."

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Our Lady Of Good Success foretold the crisis in the church, which in these times is being revealed, I am stunned by your revelations,but thank you

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Please prayer for my father who died this afternoon. He was a very selfless & generous man, who always had time for his children.

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