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WARNING Against Reprobate Book by Bp. Tran "Fr. Khoat"

"The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of (bad) bishops."
– St. Athanasius, Council of Nicea, 325 A.D.


1917 Code of Canon Law

III. Suspensions "Ferendae Sententiae."


1613. 1. Clerics suspected of heresy are to be suspended 
a divinis (Canon 2315).


2. Clerics who knowingly teach or defend, either publicly 
or privately, a doctrine that has been condemned by the Holy See 
or by a General Council, even though not as heretical, are to be 
suspended from preaching, hearing of confessions, and any office 
of teaching (Canon 2317).


Note: TCW has recently learned that a book has been published by Rev. Khoat Van Tran. It is an abominable work of poison... injurious to the Holy Faith, that all True Catholics must avoid. 


The TCW Staff is in the process of reaching out to a bishop in Canada (who received jurisdiction from Pope Gregory XVIII) - and who has closely collaborated with TCW on projects - in order to help further alert the faithful (protect souls) against this damnable work by Rev. Khoat Van Tran. (More information on this grave matter will be posted soon.)


Update: 09/20/2019: In brief: TCW (3 weeks ago) learned a reprobate book, written by Bp. Tran, was published... ordered a copy & was Mortified... reached out to a Bishop in Canada... protocoled Fraternal Correction was implemented & has all but failed. Pray! -ED (Reposted from TCW's Comments section.)


Update 09/22/2019: TCW  learned that on Dec 6, 2017, Bp. Tran (a diabetic), is on public record as relating he almost died from a medical incident. All members of the *PRC Staff, the Editor of TCW, and the bishop's many friends for decades, have never observed him promote this type of bewildering, erroneous, lethal doctrine in private or public. Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Ora Pro Nobis!


*No member(s) of the PRC, which includes the Editor of TCW, have met in person with Bishop Tran since Dec 27, 2016.


Update 09/23/2019: Breaking News...Yesterday TCW received important new information, pertaining to this grave matter, which was fully verified and most unfavorable to Bp. Tran. So much so, that Bp. Tran has attempted to shut TCW, and all its sixteen other True Catholic websites (which have recieved 10's of millions of visitors, for over a decade AMDG) down! 


That includes TCW's:, The,,, etc. Bp. Tran has attempted this cover-up via a rushed "benevolent sounding" unfactual disinfo piece, sent to a seemingly large number of the (unexpecting) faithful.


Airport Canine Going Through Open Suitcase - Licking its Nosrtrils


"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the sacrileges, outrages and indifference by which he himself is offended. And through the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, beg of You the conversion of poor sinners.” (3 Times)


Again, yesterday, The Editor of TCW, emailed Bp. Tran inquiring to him on a variety of evidenced things, such as information [the Bp.'s own emails] on his recently discovered scandalous practice of MAILING Internationally the Most Blessed Sacrament (Second Person of the Trinity) via DHL currier (that must go through Communist handlers [Viet Cong customs agents]) and then 6,772 miles across the open sea... and then through more customs agents, metal detectors, narcotic dog sniffers (?) to finally freezing Edmonton, Canada, where a specified (lay) man "trafficker"/"useful idiot", for Bp. Khoat, then distributes the Sacred Hosts to others.


The Editor of TCW was purposely kept "out of the loop" by Bp. Khoat and his proud lay "trafficker", as they both knew there is no way on earth the Editor would be a part of such a terrible sacrilege against God!


Note: one individual reported that when they confirmed (via email) receiving the Blessed Sacrament, consecrated (and advertised) by Bp. Khoat in Vietnam, that he immediately asked the poor soul for a donation.


The Editor in his concluding emails, which dealt with (the once Catholic) Bishop Tran's Anti-Papal, Anti-Monarchist, Revolutionary book "Catholic Manifesto" was able to easily and precisely show the faithless Vietnamese Destroyer:


1. Clear heresies in his reprobate book, blasphemously titled "Catholic Manifesto".


2. The Catholic Church's proper/timeless teachings which are in direct contrast to his (false teachings).


3. (Then) gave the logical conclusion, that with the manifest heresies he is disseminating ("selling") in his book "Catholic Manifesto",  along with his proven obstinacy - he was properly fraternally corrected in this, and has not amended his ways (i.e. he refuses to stop the printing of his heretical book "Catholic Manifesto")... . And TCW has been able to confirm, he is very close to publishing more... "a series"...  (TCW has all the details, God help us!) that *(Canon 188. 4.) by operation of law, adjudges him to have lost his office



1917 Code of Canon Law (Canon 188. 4.)"There are certain causes which effect the tacit resignation of an office, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of law, and hence is effective without any declaration. These causes are: ... (4) if he has publicly defected (fallen away) from the Catholic faith."


Update 09/29/2019: Update: TCW understands the reprobate [Tran] is absolutely livid with TCW's Investigatory Team "blowing the lid off" his works of iniquity, and is vainly trying all means, to have the True Catholic Press Silenced! Repeat... Ignore this hater of our Faith -AVOID!


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DONE Sending...

John Nicolas | Reply 25.09.2019 03.02

Why would he, a once prudent Bishop, suddenly sent the Blessed Sacrament via postal service to Canada


Money. TCW just received more documentation/emails of the dealings of the satellite office of the IETG, in Edmonton, run by a disgruntled little man. He reports to his boss in the US at the IETG's Main HQ's (which is owned & operated by the "tribe").


TCW is receiving more info on the IETG (International Eucharist Traffickers Group). If you have any info regarding this Terrible Abuse,
please contact TCW or a Papal Restoration Campaign (PRC) member. All names etc., will be held in strict confidence.


It seems the Main HQ's of the IETG is not in Edmonton, CA (that is a satellite). The main base is in the US, and is run by a specific "tribe" (household) versed in Bad acting & Machiavellianism... more than willing (cont.)


... to "influence" (tragic) situations to achieve the outcome They desire. Unfortunately weak/weakened clergyman for whatever reason - or just outright wolves - are more than obliging to these Truly sick folks, who own & operate the IETG's HQ's.

Lucy S | Reply 23.09.2019 12.48

Someone got to him( i.e. Satan).Let us all pray for God's intervention in this

nicholas rosvanis | Reply 22.09.2019 20.07

something is very wrong here I am mortified he would write something like this after ll he found Pope Gregorious 17th something has gone all wrong


The TCW post (ALERT): "Warning Against Reprobate Book by Bp. Tran "Fr. Khoat""
was recently updated [09/20/2019 & 09/22/2019].

JUDITH | Reply 20.09.2019 01.29

Something is not right here. I read this book and I do not believe Fr Tran wrote it. Everything about it was false. Where is Fr Tran? Is he alive?

The Editor of TCW 20.09.2019 08.36

In brief: TCW (3 weeks ago) learned a reprobate book, written by Bp. Tran, was published... ordered a copy & was Mortified... reached out to a Bishop in Canada... protocoled Fraternal Correction was implemented & has all but failed. Pray!

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