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A Meditation on Advent 2018 A.D. By Fr. UK

"Advent and Triumph of Christ"
By Hans Memling
1480 A.D. 



A Meditation on Advent 2018 A.D. By Fr. UK 


On Sunday, December 2nd, the current Season of Advent began. 


All of us, who belong to the Church Militant, during the next 23 days, will be waiting for the New Born Savior's Coming.


Do we remember what was the purpose of Our Lord Jesus Christ's First Coming?


The purpose of Our Lord Jesus Christ's First Coming is to show us that God did not abandon man after he fell into sin, and God Himself came down to "save his people from their sins".


Do we remember what is sin, and what we lose by committing mortal sin?


Sin is a willful violation of the divine law, and by committing a mortal sin we lose the grace of God and eternal salvation. Sin separates us from God, but God wants us to stay united with Him in this world, and the world to come. To unite us with God, The First Person of the Trinity sent Jesus Christ, His only-begotten Son, true God of true God, Who "is hungry" for our eternal salvation.


So, let us be hungry not for mortal sin, but for eternal salvation, ours and our neighbors.


Let us wage war against ourselves (our vices). And bear in mind that as God forgives us our debts, let us also forgive our debtors.


Let us be waiting for Our Savior's Coming, by preparing ourselves for a good Confession, in order to unite ourselves with Him in Holy Communion at Christmas Mass.


Fr. UK


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